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Player Quotes - October 5: Osi, Joseph


Q: With Rocky Bernard out, what adjustments do you make at tackle?**A: We play with what we have.

Q:  More Kuhn and more Austin?A: If that's what we have…Yes.

Q:  Maybe Tuck and JPP more on the inside?A: Maybe.

Q:  Are you concerned about Snee?A: We'll see, we'll keep monitoring his progress and we'll see.

Q:  Thoughts on Kuhn:A: He's done okay, he's done okay. He's a good, young prospect. He works hard, he's physical. He's done alright.

Q:  Will you activate Sash this week?A: We'll see.

Q:  Nicks was jogging a little bit, is he feeling better?A: He's getting there, I think. He, mentally, feels better, that's for sure.

Q:  Would short-term IR be a realistic option for Phillips?A: At this point, no. We do think he'll be ready prior to that.

Q:  Nicks is mentally better?A: He feels like he's getting there.

Q:  How important is it for the secondary that is healthy to stay healthy?A: (laughs) It's kind of important that they stay healthy, yeah. They have to play well. Obviously you're playing against a team that throws the ball 40 times a game. They're very talented in the receiver area. We'll have to play well.

Q:  Prince is one of the healthier ones now, how much do you expect from him?A: Always expect them to play their best.

Q:  There's been a lot of talk about Randle, but what's Jernigan's role right now?A: He has a role as well.

Q:  Thoughts on Barden's injury after a great game at Carolina and his history of being injured just when he starts to make a contribution?A: Well, I'm sure it's very disappointing for him, and very disappointing to us. Hopefully he'll be back next week.

Q:  Thoughts on your team's depth being tested:A: It's well tested. As we always say, it's a great opportunity for the next guy. He's going to have plenty of opportunities to show what he can do. Here we go.

Q:  Thoughts on your message to not overlook this 0-4 team:A: There's none of that (overlooking). We don't pay any attention to that. My message was to respect them for what they have accomplished, which is a lot. With a lot of young players that have played hard, played well, been in every game, and the players see it. I show it to them on tape when I talk about those things.

Q:  What does Spencer Paysinger provide on defense?A: He can run, he's physical, he's smart. Same type of things you see on his special teams' play, which has been very good.

Q:  Could you use some of your ends on the inside more often?A: Possibly. Yeah, that was asked, and I said possibly.

Q:  Has Marvin Austin knocked off the rust since coming back?A: He's got work to do. He's got a ways to go. Each week he gets a little bit better and his opportunity will be there again.

Q:  Do you have faith in Austin?A: For us to accomplish what we want to, he's going to have to play well.


Q: How have you performed during the season?**A: It's too early in the season to be talking about that. I think I've handled my responsibilities, I've done the best that I can and I'll pretty much leave it at that. Would I have liked to have put up more numbers? I think everybody around here would, but at the end of the day, you can only do what you can do.

Q: Do you guys measure your effectiveness by the number of sacks? Is that a good barometer?A: At this particular time, you can't really measure it on that because we're not really getting that many opportunities to rush the quarterback. So once we start getting those opportunities and we're not having the impact on the game that we're supposed to, then I'll know that we're not playing well.

Q: What impressions do you have of Brandon Weeden?A: He's poised and I think he's going to be an outstanding quarterback in this league for a while. I've seen him do some things that a lot of rookie quarterbacks don't do.

Q: Like what?A: Just the way he throws the ball, stands in the pocket and delivers. He's fearless. I like him as a quarterback.

Q: Do you feel like with the trouble that the Browns have at wide receiver, you guys can be a little bit more aggressive in trying to force turnovers?A: Honestly, I don't know. It's going to be up to Coach Fewell. Whatever he feels like is going to work this week is what he's going to call and we're just going to execute that. So I'm not sure exactly what's going to happen or how the game is going to play out, but we'll see on Sunday.

**DT Linval Joseph

Q: With Richardson being so different from LeSean McCoy, how do you go about defending him?**A: Richardson, he's more of a power runner. He comes more downhill. He's a very good player; I'm just excited to play against him.

Q:  With Rocky Bernard out now, do you feel the pressure to step it up more?A: No, not really. Rocky is out, I play both sides, now the young guys have an opportunity to step up and play a little bit more on defense this game.

Q:  You need to help them out a little more, right?A: If you want to say it that way. They know what to do, but at the same time, I'm a second set of eyes so if a guy is out of position, I need to tell them to slide over, or do this, or do that. Just help the young guys out.

Q:  Thoughts on the chemistry between you and Rocky:A: We have chemistry with every guy. Rocky and I have been playing together for, what, going on three years? Chris and I (Canty) communicate, Rocky and I communicate. Just like the young guys, we communicate, too. It's not really going to be a big change.


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