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Player Quotes - September 14: Prince, Boley

COACH TOM COUGHLINQ: Can you go over Nicks and Baas? Were they practicing?
A: No. They didn't practice today, but they'll both be… Nicks will be listed as questionable. Baas will be listed as probable.

Q: Is it just managing something nagging with Baas?
A: Yea

Q: How are Prince and Coe coming along health-wise?
A: I think they get a little better every day.

Q: Have you seen enough from Prince this week that you could start him on Sunday?
A: We'll see about that. He's been out here every day and he's worked. He certainly would be in contention.

Q: What do you think about Eric LeGrand being there for the coin toss?
A: God bless Eric. We all wish Eric the very, very best and I've had the pleasure of seeing him at a couple of occasions and on television and he's done a great job, so I think it'll be very nice that he's with us.


Re: depth of this year's linebacker corps**A: We've actually got a lot of depth this year. It's a good thing for us, Spencer (Paysinger) can fill in and do some work, Mark (Herzlich), those guys can easily pick up a slot.

Q: Different than last year's lack of depth?A: Yeah. I've always been part of the team that had a thin linebacker corps. Now having a lot of depth, it's a bonus.

Q: Can you play a full game if need be?A: Yeah, did it for eight years.

Q: Even with the hamstring injury?A: Yeah, that's not an issue anymore. Finally got that behind me.


Q: What's your status for Sunday?**A: The coach hasn't told me anything yet. I just practiced this whole week and just did the best I can out there.

Q: Do you feel better?
A: Yea. I feel a lot better. I feel like I'm improving and getting healthier each day.

Q: Can you play though?
A: Yea. If I can compete in practice, you can play.

Q: Have you been limping the last couple of days?
A: I think it's mental. I'm sure it's still there, but when I concentrate and just run the right way, everything seems to be good. I've evaluated myself on film and the coaches have and I think I look good on film.


Q: You nervous about being rusty in the game?**A: It's definitely a test. Feel like I have another workout to take off all the tape.

Q: You were listed as probable, do you think you will play Sunday?A: I'm preparing as if I am. When the time comes for Coach Coughlin to make the decision, either way I'll be prepared. I'll be prepared to be out there helping my guys see whatever I see if I'm not active. If I'm active, I'm going to be out there running around, acting a fool out there. A good fool, that is.

Q: Are you anxious to know the decision?A: I'm just trying to stay focused, and make sure my preparation is the best it can be. Tampa is a good team, we've seen a lot on film. Just making sure I'm prepared for everything they've shown on film, and everything our coaches have prepared us for. Our knowledge is our biggest thing, and the best way I feel I can help the team is to be prepared either way. If I am or if I'm not active, just try to help however I can. That can be the difference in the game if I see an offensive lineman doing something that can tip-off whether it's run-pass, or if they're going to run a certain play. Helping the d-line out.

Q: Did you get to play in any preseason games?A: Jacksonville. The year before that, Carolina.

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