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Players Quotes - September 12: Manning, Wilson


COACH TOM COUGHLINCoughlin: Good morning. By now everyone has watched the Tampa/Carolina game, the outstanding game that they played, and the way in which they have chosen to play. They blocked the punt in that game, they had no turnovers themselves, they rushed the ball for 130 yards, the young rookie running back rushed for 95 yards. Their defense played outstanding, they held the number seven rushing team in the NFL a year ago to 10 yards rushing. It was minus-one at halftime. They're a good team; they're a fast team. They did well in free agency. They drafted well, all three of those top kids are all starters on their team. They seem to be playing the way they want to play. We're preparing, we had one early practice that we introduced some of how we would play, and of course today is our big day, the start of our week. Questions?
Q:  Update on Prince? Is he expected to practice fully?
A: Well, he won't practice fully. We'll try to pick up where we left off Monday and continue to allow him to work. He does have some issues; he's just fighting his way through them.

Q:  Update on David Baas:
A: It's just some nagging issues there, that's all. He'll practice.

Q: What do you have to do to get the offense rolling against the Tampa Bay defense?
A: Well, you've just got to execute. They're talented. They're fast on defense. They have playmakers. They have a good scheme, so it's just a matter of everybody knowing their assignments. When we have opportunities to make some plays, we've got to do that. It's just pick up the intensity a little bit, have a great practice, have a great work ethic and know the game plan. When we get out there Sunday, just go play hard and there's going to be opportunities to make some plays and we've got to come up with those.

Q: How difficult has it been waiting for a week and half for this game coming off a performance none of you were happy with?
A: I think guys did a good job of coming in with the attitude after the game on that Thursday saying we've got to play better, but everything that occurred is very correctable and it's just going to come down to fixing it, making better plays, better decisions during the game and… I think that was a good mentality. Guys said we can fix this. We've got to work a little bit better this next week. Enjoy the weekend off. Came back to work on Monday. Had a good practice and had another good practice today.

Q: How much are these three games in about 14 days kind of throwing you guys off?
A: Not right now. We had a full week to prepare for our first game. We've had a little extra time, an extra practice to get ready for this one, so we've got to use that to our advantage for this week and our focus is just worrying about this game, so that's all we can do.


Q: Three drops in your first game last year would've been a whole different thing. Now, you're a guy who has done it before and had some big games. Does that help? Knowing you can fall back on experience?
A: A little bit. It's game one; it's not the Super Bowl. It's not a playoff game. It's just game one, and we just want to be able to go out there, personally, put together a good performance, catch everything that comes my way, and help my team win the football game.

*Q: When we had asked Tom Coughlin about it, his quote was, 'you had lapses in concentration at times in the past.' *
A: Yeah, that's accurate. There are times where I'm just trying to make the play, trying to make the big play before I catch the football. I'm subject to that at times. I guess that's just a matter of be trying to be too hyped up for the game, and things like that.

Q: In the interview on FAN yesterday, you sounded like you said you didn't work hard enough?
A: I don't think I ever said that. I think it was me explaining that at certain times throughout the game, I just get overly excited about making a play, and I forget to do the little things. I forget to catch the ball, before I run. I don't think I ever said, 'I didn't work hard enough.'

Q: You're feeling better?
A: Yes. I feel great. Not on the injury report, so that's a plus, a step forward and the rest is up to Coach. I've just got to make sure that my practice gives them confidence, so if they have confidence in me in practice, they'll put me in the game. I'm trying everything I can to make sure I'm off the injury report, which is a step forward. Let them see how I practice and then we'll see for the games.

Q: Did you continue with splitting time between first and second teams?
A: I did and we didn't have like a sit down conversation yet as in this is what we're expecting going forward, so that was… Today I got off the injury report, so at some point, we will have an update. If you hear before me, please let me know.

Q: You have no reason to believe you're going back on the injury report?
A: Correct. I'm trying to stay off it now. I spent enough time on it, so I'm just ready to get back into it and making sure last game, they had me at some tight end. They did use me, but it wasn't like I really got game reps or they really got to see what I've got to do. More and more in practice I'm going with the ones, with the twos and just back to back, so you're getting all the feels. You're still going against JPP and Osi, so I'm making sure they know when I'm in there, look, we're working. I'm not going against you, but we've both got to get something out of this.

RB DAVID WILSONRE: Regarding the drills that Coach Coughlin referred to about ball security:
A: No matter what I do, high and tight. When I have the ball, it's high and tight.

Q: How many times have you heard the words, 'high and tight,' in the last six days?
A: Sixteen, seventeen.

Q: You said you had the ball high and tight when you fumbled.
A: Yeah, but you have to drill it in. Have it in your mind, so it's natural. Even though it was there, you have to make sure… It wouldn't have come out if I had a tight grip on it.


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