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This hurts.  It is a real painful loss.  I thought we had it.  I'm pretty discouraged right now.  We have to score a touchdown when we had the ball down low like we did.  We had a chance to put the game away and we didn't.  We gave them life, they came back and that is what happens.


First, and honestly, this is a tough loss.  We didn't do enough on defense, obviously.  Regardless of what we did all game, they came down and scored on us when they had to.  We have to make those plays at the end.  We are a lot better than that.  We have some work to do and it is a long season ahead.  We just have to keep working.


We made some big plays here and there.  But obviously we didn't get the most important stop.  All of the pressure was on them.  They were trailing and they came down and scored.  We have to do better than that. 


Both offensively and defensively we are making a lot of plays.  But obviously at the end it was not enough to pull it out.  Coach said there was a lot of good fight out there.  Guys were straining and busting their ass to make plays to get to the ball.  We were just a little bit off.  We have to make those corrections coming out of the bye week.


We need to score touchdowns.  We had the ball in the Green Zone twice at the end and we kicked the field goal.  And that is how you lose games.  We have to get better and we have to straighten this stuff out.  We have seven games left and we have a bye week to think about it.  The only way you can fix it is if you start getting wins.  We will find a way.  This team never quits.


One of our goals was to contain Tomlinson and I think we did a really good job doing that.  But obviously the main goal was to win.  And that goal we didn't accomplish.  When it all boils down to it, we have to get better at the end.  We didn't make the plays that we needed to make at the end.  They made the better plays.  We didn't.


It was a tough game.  We fought hard today.  We didn't end up on top and that is something that we have to strive to do.  Offense was definitely progressing throughout the game.  But we had a chance to put them away, the field goal wasn't enough. We drew the short straw at the end.   

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