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Postgame Quotes: Manning, Rolle - 12/23

* Coughlin*: I thought our week was a good week. I thought last night our meetings were well done. I think we came in here and we tried hard. We worked hard at it. We obviously have a very bad formula going on right here. We're having trouble stopping people and our offense doesn't hold the ball at all to give our defense a chance to catch their breath. We've had two games in a row, pretty much the exact same scenario, with 47 offensive snaps last week, 41 this week. The other guy had double, almost 40 minutes time of possession. As I told the players, it's a very difficult time for all of us. I take full responsibility for this team. I am the head coach. What has happened over the course of the last couple of weeks is very difficult to explain. We had a resounding win against New Orleans and felt real good about ourselves, and then I have no explanation as to why we're in the position that we're in. We're playing a lot of people, we're putting a lot of people in positions where they need to make plays and frankly, right now, we're not making any. We're not making any plays on defense. We didn't make any plays necessarily on special teams, although we did a pretty good job of controlling a very, very good returner [Jacoby Jones], whether via kick-off returner or punt-returner—so we did a decent job of that. But that's all. We did nothing offensively. We certainly didn't do anything to help our cause on the defensive side of the ball either."

On if he thinks the team deserves to make the playoffs
"If we get into the playoffs, we will deserve to make it. That's very remote right now."

On DT Chris Canty's injury
"I don't know exactly what it is. It's a knee and he wasn't able to go back. Chris Canty was playing hard and he made some plays for us."


On losing such an important game
"This is disappointing. We kenw we had to play our best football to win and get in the playoffs. We didn't do that, and when that happens, teams in this league will embarrass you."

On whether this loss was embarrassing
"You saw the scoreboard. It wasn't real pretty, but that's what can happen in football."

On the team's level of confidence entering the game
"Our confidence doesn't waver from game to game. At Atlanta last week, we had some chances. We were moving the ball. We just couldn't score. Today, we couldn't get anything going. The Ravens did a very good job on defense. They put a lot of pressure on me, and they gave us a lot of different looks. They made it hard for us. It's one thing to lose. Sometimes you lose at the end of the game, but we didn't even give ourselves a chance today. We had no momentum, no spark."

On the general feeling in knowing you lost control of your destiny
"It's not a good feeling, but we can't blame anybody but ourselves. We had more than several opportunities, and we didn't capitalize. We just have to keep fighting."

On giving up more than 60 points the last two games
"We're definitely not happy with our performance, and I'll leave it at that."

On any sense of what's happened with the New York Giants defense
"It's not up to our standards by any means, for whatever reason we're not going out there and being successful."


On the lack of intensity
"I think we just didn't come to play today. We had a late start, and we couldn't get it going after that."

On not coming to play on such an important game
"We just didn't come to play today. It was a big game. This was one we needed. They wanted it more than we did."

On the Ravens' defense
"Well, they had a great scheme. I can't speak for our defense. Offensively, they had a great scheme against us. We couldn't seem to get it situated."

On success of the Ravens offense
"It seemed like they had 13 guys on the field, and then two would run off. So we were in a messed up personnel, especially early. And then we basically had to stay more vanilla at times, because personnel were coming in so late."

On the Ravens running game
"The one long run at the end made it seem worse than it really was. Obviously, we're giving up too much. We ran some three-deeps, and we shouldn't have given up any yards. They were still squeezing it out for two and four yards, and we had to stop the run on contact. The one long run at the end, we just can't give up. "

On the Giants' play the last two weeks
"Poor, we didn't play well and we didn't start strong. For some reason it seems like were waiting on a spark, and we need to create the spark instead of waiting on the spark. And that's where were at right now." **READ MORE >>**


On his knee
"It's been better. I don't know exactly. We have to go and get it looked at, and we will see what's what. It's the same knee as last year."

On coach Coughlin's message after the game
"We have an opportunity to be 9-7 as a football team. That's what we are faced with. This right now hurts. It hurts, but we have to stay together."

On the difference between last year's Super Bowl defense and this year's defense
"I have no idea. I just don't have any answers. I just don't know. It's been tough. We just haven't been consistent, and it shows in our play and where we are at right now."

On the inconsistency of the defense
"I have no idea how we got here. The only answer I have is to continue to work and continue to stay together."


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