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Power Rankings Roundup

manning_article_hawks.jpg's panel of nine experts placed the Giants at** No. 13**, tied with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and down five spots from last week.

NFC East: No. 10 Redskins (previously ranked No. 11), No. 13 Giants (8), No. 17 Cowboys (19), No. 22 Eagles (20).

The Giants dropped four spots in's power rankings, placing them at **No. 14**.

"Eli Manning had been so steady, with just two interceptions in four games, and then he threw three in a meltdown against Seattle," NFL staff writer Ashley Fox wrote.NFC East: No. 10 Redskins (12), No. 14 Giants (10), No. 15 Cowboys (17), No. 21 Eagles (20). Senior NFL Columnist Pete Prisco placed the Giants at **No. 11**, down a spot from last week.

"Why is it that they play well when it's not expected, but seem to stumble when they're supposed to win?"NFC East: No. 8 Redskins (8), No. 11 Giants (10), No. 12 Cowboys (12), No. 21 Eagles (20). dropped the Giants four spots to No. 13.

"The presence of copious amounts of pink at MetLife Stadium was followed by heavy consumption of copious amounts of a certain pink liquid by Tom Coughlin after the game," Mike Florio posted.NFC East: No. 12 Redskins (17), No. 13 Giants (9), No. 19 Cowboys (19), No. 23 Eagles (22).

FOX Sports placed the Giants at No. 16, down two spots.

"Coming off a surprising loss to a Seahawks team that had failed to generate much offense coming into the game," Brian Billick wrote. "Equally surprising was the lack of running game generated against a not-so-special Seattle defense. Eli Manning's 420 yards passing are great, but not if you throw three picks in the process."NFC East: No. 10 Redskins (10), No. 16 Giants (14), No. 19 Cowboys (17), No. 21 Eagles (19).


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