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Power Rankings: Week 1 in the books

Week 1 of the NFL season is in the books, and power rankings have been coming in from outlets across the country. Each week will bring you a roundup of what they're saying about your team.

With the Giants set for their home opener against the Broncos in Week 2, here is a look at how they stack up around the NFL:

NYG: 19
Movement: Down 9
Comments:  "Turning it over six times is a tough way to try and win a game. But they never packed it in and quit, which speaks volumes about this team." – Pete Prisco
NFC East: No. 10 Cowboys (previously 14), No. 15 Eagles (25), No. 19 Giants (10), No. 22 Redskins (16)
Top 5 (in order): Broncos, 49ers, Seahawks, Patriots, Texans

NYG: 16
Comments:  "Maybe the best way to prevent turnovers against the Broncos will be, to borrow a phrase from the Eli-Peyton DirecTV video, to put the "football in your pants."" – Mike Florio
NFC East: No. 5 Eagles, No. 14 Cowboys, No. 16 Giants, No. 20 Redskins
Top 5 (in order): Broncos, 49ers, Texans, Seahawks, Eagles

NYG: 16
Movement: Down 4  
Comments:  "David Wilson? Two fumbles. Da'Rel Scott? Poor route led to game-clinching interception. Three 100-yard receivers were nice for Eli Manning, but who's up next at running back?"
NFC East:  No. 13 Cowboys (previously 18), No. 14 Eagles (25), No. 19 Redskins (9)
Top 5 (in order): 49ers, Seahawks, Broncos, Falcons, Patriots

NYG: 19
Movement: Down 3
Comments: "I hope David Wilson likes playing World of Warcraft, because if he puts two more balls on the carpet next week, he'll have plenty of time on his hands. That was a heck of an effort by the Giants to overcome six turnovers and force the issue late. Still, don't think the injuries in the secondary and to Jason Pierre-Paul weren't noticeable." -- Elliot Harrison
NFC East: No. 12 Cowboys (previously 9), No. 15 Eagles (26), No. 18 Redskins (10)
Top 5 (in order): 49ers, Broncos, Seahawks, Texans, Patriots

NYG: 20
Movement: Down 5
Comments: "Welcome to Tom Coughlin's doghouse, David Wilson." -- Brian Billick
NFC East: No. 13 Cowboys (previously 17), No. 16 Eagles (23), No. 18 Redskins (13), No. 20 Giants (15)
Top 5 (in order): 49ers, Broncos, Seahawks, Texans, Patriots

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