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Power Rankings: Week 1 Underway

Week 1 of the NFL season is upon us, and power rankings have been coming in from outlets across the country. Each week will bring you a roundup of what they're saying about your team.

With the Giants set to open in Dallas on Sunday night, here is a look at how they stack up around the NFL:

NYG: 12
Movement: None
Comments: "As injuries pile up for Big Blue, no unit has been hit harder than the offensive line. Playing without center David Baas and tackle David Diehl will be tough." -- ESPN Stats & Information
NFC East: No. 10 Redskins (previously 11), No. 12 Giants (12), No. 18 Cowboys (20), No. 25 Eagles (25)
Top 5 (in order): Seahawks, Falcons, 49ers, Broncos, Packers

NYG: 10
Movement: None
Comments: "They get a great first test at Dallas, and let's not forget they aren't too removed from being a champion. Tom Coughlin will get this team back in the playoff mix again." – Pete Prisco
NFC East: No. 10 Giants (10), No. 14 Cowboys (14), No. 16 Redskins (13), No. 25 Eagles (25)
Top 5: Broncos, 49ers, Falcons, Patriots, Packers

NYG: 14
Movement: Up 1
Comments: "All great Giants teams have had superb QB play and pass rush. They're missing that second element. Plus injury concerns abound." – Hank Gola
NFC East: No. 9 Redskins (Previously No. 8), No. 14 Giants (15), No. 26 Eagles (29)
Top 5: Seahawks, Broncos, Ravens, 49ers, Falcons

NYG: 13
Movement: Down 1
Comments: The Associated Press "Pro32" is voted on by a national panel of 11 voters who are among the 50 sports writers and broadcasters who choose the NFL's individual awards at the end of the season.
NFC East: No. 10 Redskins (13), No. 13 Giants (12), No. 15 Cowboys (16), No. 26 Eagles (27)
Top 5: 49ers, Seahawks, Broncos, Falcons, Patriots

NYG: 16
Movement: Down 1
Comments: "Injuries are already taking their toll with the Giants on offense and defense. However, on a positive note, you have to be excited about David Wilson. He's the NFC version of Lamar Miller, a second-year back expected by fans and fantasy owners to break out in 2013 -- except Wilson is, like, 50 times better." -- Elliot Harrison
NFC East: No. 10 Redskins (10), No. 15 Cowboys (17), No. 16 Giants (15), No. 26 Eagles (26)
Top 5: 49ers, Broncos, Seahawks, Falcons, Bengals

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