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Power Rankings: Week 8 Wrap-up

With a 15-7 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, the Giants improved to 2-6 on the season with the bye week and three straight home games coming up on the schedule.

The Giants were the only team this week to win in the NFC East, which is still led by Dallas at 4-4. Philadelphia dropped to 3-5 as did Washington to 2-5. Week 8 is in the books, and takes a look at power rankings coming in from outlets across the country.

NYG: 25
Movement: Up 4
Comments: "The Giants didn't score a touchdown in their 15-7 win over the Eagles on Sunday, but they didn't turn the ball over either and sometimes that is enough." - Brian Billick
NFC East: No. 11 Cowboys (previously 10), No. 20 Redskins (24), No. 25 Giants (29), No. 26 Eagles (21)
Top 5: Chiefs, Seahawks, Broncos, Colts, Saints

NYG: 23
Movement: Up 5
Comments: "At 2-6, they are only two games out of first place. Two." – Pete Prisco
NFC East: No. 11 Cowboys (10), No. 20 Eagles (17), No. 23 Giants (28), No. 26 Redskins (25)
Top 5: Chiefs, Seahawks, Saints, Broncos, 49ers

NYG: 27
Movement: Up 2
Comments: "Kept hearing over and over on Sunday that the 2-6 Giants are just two games out of the lead in the NFC East. OK ... So, did you know the 2-6 Giants are still within two games of the NFC East lead?" - Elliot Harrison
NFC East: No. 13 Cowboys (12), No. 24 Eagles (19), No. 27 Giants (29), No. 28 Redskins (27)
Top 5: Broncos, Chiefs, Saints, Seahawks, Colts


NYG:24 **Movement:Up 5 Comments:"The phrase "hottest team in the NFC East" doesn't have the sizzle it used to." – Mike Florio
NFC East:No. 12 Cowboys (10), No. 21 Eagles (18), No. 24 Giants (29), No. 28 Redskins (25) Top 5: Chiefs, Seahawks, Colts, Broncos, Saints

NYG: 29
Movement: None
Comments: "A solid defensive effort paced Sunday's road win against a divisional rival. Don't look now, but Big Blue is (somehow, some way) two games out in the atrocious NFC East." - ESPN Stats & Information
NFC East: No. 13 Cowboys (10), No. 24 Redskins (23), No. 26 Eagles (19), No. 29 Giants (29)
Top 5: Chiefs, Broncos, Colts, Seahawks, Saints

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