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Power Rankings: Where do the Giants rank?

After hitting their offseason checkpoints – the combine, the draft, OTAs, minicamps, and so on – the Giants stand one month away from players reporting to training camp. Likewise, all teams across the NFL have been gearing up for a shot at Super Bowl XLVIII, but before the dog days of camp, stacked them against each other in its latest power rankings.

The Giants, compared to the last rankings in early May, dropped seven places to No. 17, one spot behind the Dallas Cowboys and one in front of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The top spot belongs to the Seattle Seahawks, followed by San Francisco, Denver, Atlanta, and Green Bay to round out the top five. But it's all about the division, so takes a look at New York’s competition around the NFC East:

No. 17 New York Giants
Movement: Down 7
Analysis: "The hits just keep on coming. Jason Pierre-Paul could miss significant time after having surgery on his back. Then there's the lingering Victor Cruz situation. These fiscal matters usually take care of themselves. But while Cruz was training with the New York Islanders' director of sports performance, one wonders if Hakeem Nicks was also there replacing the voltage regulator on the Isles' zamboni, because he sure as heck wasn't at Giants OTAs." - Elliot Harrison
NFC East (according to

No. 10 Washington Redskins
Movement: Up 1
Analysis: "With each passing practice video of Robert Griffin III that hits the tube, confidence grows that he will be 100 percent ready and productive by Week 1, with no ill effects from that surgically repaired knee. Meanwhile, judging from pictures of the QB in his skin-tight workout shirts, RGIII really needs to start working out. No muscle tone whatsoever on that guy." - Harrison

No. 16 Dallas Cowboys
Movement: Up 2
Analysis: "The Cowboys are ailing, as mentioned just above, but they still should be a bigger divisional threat to the reigning champion Redskins than the Giants. The defense is the key to that equation, not Tony Romo. While the lightning-rod quarterback did have his miscues with the division on the line in Week 17, how many times did he and the Cowboys' sixth-ranked offense bail out Rob Ryan's injury-plagued unit last year?" – Harrison

No. 23 Philadelphia Eagles
Movement: None
Analysis: "All anyone wants to talk about is quarterback. What about that defense? Let's see, there's a new coordinator (Billy Davis), a new scheme (3-4), a new nose tackle ( Isaac Sopoaga), a new OLB/pass rusher (Connor Barwin) and a whole new secondary (Cary Williams, Patrick Chung, Kenny Phillips and Bradley Fletcher). And we're not even counting Bradley Cooper. Just saw Silver Linings Playbook. That's easily better than either of the last two Hangover movies, and I didn't even bother seeing Hangover III." – Harrison





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