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Prince Amukamara promotes literacy in Africa


Prince Amukamara, 2011 first round draft pick of the New York "Super-Bowl" Giants has teamed with the International Foundation for Education and Self-Help (IFESH) and Books for Africa to promote literacy in Africa.

Prince Amukamara has done a "Great" deed! His "Super-bowl" raffle has benefited a million students in sub-Saharan Africa. A forty foot container of textbooks will be going to Imo State, Nigeria. Each container holds 22,000 books. Prince Amukamara's family is from the Imo, State and this is just the beginning of his giving back. Recently, Prince also donated $10,000 cleats and Jerseys to Lincoln High School in Nebraska. Join us in congratulating Prince for his generosity and increasing his brand.

The International Foundation for Education and Self-Help (IFESH) was founded in 1981, to help improve the lives of people in sub-Saharan Africa by addressing the problems of poverty and illiteracy. Through self-help programs, IFESH specializes in education systems, health, community development and conflict mitigation. The work of IFESH supports the efforts of the eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals, particularly eradicating poverty and hunger, achieving universal education, combating HIV/AIDS and promoting gender equality and maternal health.


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