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Pro Bowl Games: Eli Manning coaches Dexter Lawrence on NFC Team


Eli Manning and Dexter Lawrence are in Orlando for the 2024 Pro Bowl Games, a multi-day AFC versus NFC competition culminating on Sunday, Feb. 4.

Manning, who was named to four Pro Bowls in his career, is once again coaching the NFC Team, which includes the Giants' star defensive linemen for the second consecutive year.

The Pro Bowl Games skills competitions will have cumulative scoring leading up to the flag football games on Sunday.

Scoring for the Pro Bowl Games works in the following way:

  • The winning conference of each skill competition earns three points towards their team's overall score, with points available across the 11 skills events.
  • Points from the Flag game (four, 12-minute quarters played on Sunday) will be added to points earned from Skills competitions to determine the winning conference for the 2024 Pro Bowl Games.
  • The winning conference at the conclusion of the Flag game will be crowned the winner of the Pro Bowl Games.

The 6-foot-4, 340-pound Lawrence will participate in the "Gridiron Gauntlet" and "Tug-of-War" skill competitions. Keep checking back for highlights throughout the weekend:

View photos of Dexter Lawrence at the 2024 Pro Bowl Games in Orlando, where Eli Manning coached the NFC team.

More on the full lineup below:

Thursday, Feb. 1

Best Catch: Pre-taped in landmarks around Orlando, Best Catch will feature one player from each conference, as they show off their creativity, inventiveness and talent. Each player will have three attempts to secure their catch. Fans will vote online to determine their favorite catch, and the player with the highest number of votes will earn three points for his conference.

Precision Passing: Each of the conference's three quarterbacks will battle it out in a one-minute accuracy competition, as they attempt to accumulate points by hitting as many targets as possible. In the second round, the highest scoring quarterback from each conference will take turns hitting as many targets as possible on six throws each. The quarterback with the highest score earns three points for his conference.

Closest to the Pin: This golf accuracy competition will feature five players from each conference. They will drive the golf ball, working to hit it as close to the hole as possible. The winner will earn three points for his conference.

High Stakes: Starting off with two footballs in hand, each player will attempt to catch punts from a JUGS machine. Each player that succeeds in catching the football without dropping others will advance to the next round and attempt to catch an additional football. The most sure-handed player who catches the most footballs wins.

Snap Shots: Each of the conference's long snapper and centers snap balls at targets of various sizes and point values in a 45-second accuracy contest. Snapping from 13 yards away, the conference with the highest cumulative score between their three players wins.

Epic Pro Bowl Dodgeball: A multi-round tournament of classic dodgeball featuring four teams of seven players. In the first match, the AFC offense will face the NFC defense, and in the second game, the NFC offense squares off with the AFC defense. The winner of each game will earn three points for their conference.

Sunday, Feb. 4

Kick Tac Toe: Each team's kicker will compete in a giant Tic-Tac-Toe competition to showcase their skills. The first kicker to complete a connecting line of three squares or hit five squares total will be declared the winner and earn three points for his conference.

Move the Chains: This offensive and defensive linemen strength and speed competition takes strategy and teamwork. Each team of five players must work together to move 3,000 pounds of weights off a massive wall and be the first team to pull that 2,000-pound wall across the finish line. The winner will earn three points for their conference.

Gridiron Gauntlet: A full-field relay race between six AFC players and six NFC players who show off their athletic prowess in a challenging obstacle course. They'll break through walls and crawl under doors, among other obstacles, to get to the final sled push across the field with the ultimate goal of finishing first. The winning team of each race will earn their conference three points.

Madden NFL Head-to-Head: For the fourth consecutive year, EA SPORTS will host the Madden NFL Head-to-Head Pro Bowl Games event. Two players will represent the NFC and defend their title against the AFC played in Madden NFL 24 using the official 2024 Pro Bowl Games rosters. New this year, the winning team will earn their conference three points.

Tug-of-War: New this year, Tug-of-War is a five-on-five demonstration of teamwork, strength and strategy. Positioned above a foam pit, players are challenged to pull backwards on the rope, attempting to move the opposing team in their direction. The competition will be the best of three, and the winner who pulls the opposing team across the marker twice gains three points.

View photos of the all-time history of New York Giants in the Pro Bowl.


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