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Q & A With Giants' Conditioning Coach


Q: Who's the strongest player on the team?

PALMIERI: When it comes to bench press, you're looking at Chris Snee, Mitch Petrus, Linval Joseph. Those guys are very strong, very solid. As far as power clean, that would be Chris Canty. Squat and the leg, Dave Tollefson is very strong.Q: What about some of the smaller guys? Who's the strongest pound for pound?

PALMIERI: Ahmad Bradshaw has really good strength, good, raw strength. I don't want to leave somebody out, though. They're all good workers.Q: How does the schedule change with the being on the road for a week before the Super Bowl?

PALMIERI:  They've trained very well since August. So their strength is established. But before we left, we had had an optional workout, which we had 25 guys come in on Monday. Yesterday, we had a good hour after practice and we had probably three-quarters of the team come in and train. A lot of guys want to keep the same schedule. We were really pleased with how the guys trained yesterday, good intensity. They were excited. It's kind of fun being in a different facility. The University of Indianapolis is a really nice facility with bars, dumbbells, plates, platforms, mats, and everything we use. It certainly met our needs.Q: I noticed some players have started calling the weight room "Palmieri's Playground."

PALMIERI: That's [Jim] Cordle. I think [Henry] Hynoski calls it Palmieri's Palace. It's one or the other. It's one of those two knuckleheads.Q: How is your training philosophy shaped by Tom Coughlin?

PALMIERI: I don't think I do anything unique, to be honest with you. Basically our goal is to develop strength and power. The game is played with power, and you need to be strong and fast. You need to combine the two – strength and speed – to get power. And that's what the game is played with.Q: How did you get into the field?

PALMIERI: Basically it's the kind of profession I feel God called me to and I feel blessed to be part of it and part of this organization.Q: What are the players feeling 22 weeks into a season? Is it just maintenance at this point?

PALMIERI: I would say it's maintenance, yes, but there was some building early because there was no offseason. They probably hit their numbers probably the middle of the season, and then they pretty much maintained. But our guys train hard. They're always trying to push themselves, always trying to make themselves better. As we got into these last four weeks, we utilized our chains more in our pressing and our squatting to emphasize speed and movement. So a little less weight, more emphasis on speed and movement.

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