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Quotes (5/20): Manning, Shurmur, Beal, Remmers

QB Eli Manning

Q: How's it feel to be back?

A: It feels good. I have been back for a month or so. It feels good to get back on the field and have some live action. The defense is running around and everything looks good on air, but then you get a defense, you have to move around and you get a live rush. People are running around and you have to get back in the flow of things, make decisions and when things aren't perfect, you have to keep working on them. That is the way it should be.

Q: What is your first impression of Daniel Jones?

A: He throws it well. Is a good kid and is trying to pick up the offense. He has only been here for two weeks. There is a lot going on right now. He is trying to learn the offense, footwork and protections. We have all been there and been rookies that have learned it. He has the right attitude.

Q: Can you take us through your draft night?

A: Not too exciting. I just watched it. Got the word from Mr. Gettleman and coach Shurmur that they were going to draft him.

Q: What did you think?

A: You knew it was a possibility that they were going to take a quarterback.

Q: Do you feel a different type of pressure to protect your job?

A: No. I think there is always an urgency to win. Your job is to go out there and find ways to get that accomplished. Play good football and be a good leader and teammate. I don't think anything changes.

Q: How much added responsibility is there to do all of those things and also mentor Daniel Jones along?

A: No added responsibility. The quarterback room is the same no matter who is in it. You are always willing to help and talk football. Teach the guys that are willing to be helped. Everyday we are going to sit there and watch film and practice with the coaches and a lot of times just with the quarterbacks before the coaches get in there. You don't just watch your own reps, you go through everyone's reps. You talk about the decisions and protections that could've been done better and what it is like to make decisions. I think it is always everyone helping everyone out in the room.

Q: How much do you view yourself as a mentor?

A: I think I have been doing that for the last 11 or 12 years. I don't know exactly when you become a mentor, but when you've been in the league longer than any other guy in the room, you should be a mentor in that sense where you know a little bit more. Again, it is not necessarily your job to do it. You are in the quarterback room with all the other quarterbacks and you are talking, everyone is mentoring everyone. If you aren't in there, then you can't be a mentor or mentored. It is a little bit on Daniel to be in there asking questions and everyone willing to help out in those situations.

Q: Did you know more about Daniel through coach Cutcliffe?

A: I think it's the same with anyone. All the quarterbacks, it is important to have a good relationship with those guys. I feel like I have with all the guys I have been with in the past. I am willing to help out and am willing to talk football. A lot of it is just helping out and going over things. Just answering questions. It helps me. If you can teach it, you know it. If someone is asking why you make calls and why you make a read and you can explain it, talk x's and o's, then you know it and you can go out there and perform.

Q: What exactly did coach Cutcliffe say?

A: I haven't talked to him specifically since Daniel has been drafted, but just over the years, I have been around Daniel and have been going to Duke. I have been around him and saw him. Watched their games over the years and have become a Duke fan because of Coach Cutt. I have seen him play well.

Q: There have been comparisons with him to you and your brother. Do you see any of that?

A: It is tough to say. I am not looking to compare him to Peyton or myself. He obviously played in a very similar offense to what me and Peyton played in. He has been here two weeks. Today is the first practice against the defense, so there is a lot to learn.

Q: How do you feel?

A: I feel great. Worked hard this offseason to stay in shape and continued to work on trying to stay young, mobile, strong and healthy. I feel like I am in good shape and have all the things I need to go out there and play well.

Q: What is the offense like without Odell?

A: Everyone has to go out and do their jobs. It doesn't change. Last two years we played a decent number of games without him. End of last year, we played the last four or five games without him. We just got a lot of playmakers. Everyone has to do your job, make plays, win matchups and we will be fine.

Q: How much longer do you want to play?

A: I haven't thought about it. I want to play this year.

Q: You haven't thought about that?

A: I don't think I have ever put a timeframe on how long. You will know when it is time to stop based off the circumstances and how your body is feeling.

Q: Do you approach the season that you are the quarterback of the New York Giants and you want to stay that as long as possible?

A: I don't know if that is exactly it. I understand that I am the quarterback on the Giants and it is my responsibility to go out there and do my job to the best of my ability. I want to be in this position and be the quarterback. I want to go win games and have a great year.

Q: How do you get past the awkwardness and conflict that comes with knowing the team drafted a guy that is looking to be the starting quarterback?

A: No awkwardness in our room.

Q: How do you avoid that?

A: Don't create it. It is not there. Don't make something that is not there. It doesn't bother me. It is not about being nervous or worried. I am treating it the same that it has been the last 15 years. Whoever is in the quarterback room, talk football. If someone is confused about something or not sure about something, we have a great communication system and a relationship.

Q: Is there any dynamic to the team bringing in a young guy that will make you try harder?

A: I don't think so. I feel like I have always tried hard and worked hard. I have done everything possible to be in a position to be successful. I don't think this has changed that. I understand the circumstances that I am in and sure, I need to play well and play well early. Just do my job. You want to do that. You have to be careful not to press and do too much when things aren't there and force things. Just have to play to the best of my ability and make good decisions. Lead this team to wins.

Q: Will it help being in the second year of this offense?

A: Definitely. Guys get lined up and are playing fast. They know what to do. They know plays, adjustments and different things. Just a few new spots here and there at receiver or offensive line. For the most part, a lot of the base guys are returning. They have that second year and will be able to play fast. It is just not thinking as much early on. It should help out on both sides of the ball.

Q: How do you feel about the offensive line?

A: Feel good about that group. They have worked hard and we have added a few pieces that have worked. They will do their part and their job very well. It should help everyone else also.

Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Alright, today is the beginning of phase three. We started the OTA's today, so we will do a couple more this week and then be off to the races. It was competitive, it was good. It was the first time they were out there against one another. It is important that we are smart with how we compete and I think they handled it well.

Q: What is your plan with Daniel Jones and his reps?

A: He's just gotta get reps, just like every other player. He will be in there competing with the twos. Sometimes the threes.

Q: Do you view the QB position as an open position?

A: I view the quarterback position as we have a starter in Eli and we have guys behind him, specifically Daniel Jones, that needs to do everything he can to be able to play week one. That is where we're at.

Q: Do you plan to give Daniel all the work at number 2?

A: No, we will scale it. They will all get their work, but Daniel will get the majority of that.

Q: Sam Beal?

A: First day out there, he looked good. His movement skills were great last year when we saw him, it was just a short period of time. He looked good out there today. It is like anything; he is coming back. They all have to get their legs back a little bit. You saw him stumbling just a little bit. His movement skills are good, it looked like he competed. We will go back and watch the film and see how close he was in coverage but he looked pretty good.

Q: What did you see from the quarterbacks, specifically Jones?

A: Well, all the quarterbacks are looking to execute well. Execute the plays that are called within the situations that they are presented. I thought it was a good first day.

Q: Mike Shula said Eli looks to be in even better shape this year. Is Eli in even better physical shape than last year?

A: To this point, I think he has looked really good and is throwing the ball really well. He looks good physically. I would agree with Mike.

Q: Is Eli processing things quicker in OTA's this year than last year given that he is in year two of the system?

A: No, he always processed quickly. Any time you are in year two in a system, we are able to get in maybe a better play or we can package things more than just calling plays, all things he can handle and he's doing a good job with it.

Q: How is Corey Ballentine?

A: He is making progress. I think it is still going to be a little bit of time, but he is getting better. This is something that he is going to make a full recovery from, it is just going to take a little time.

Q: Is that like a training camp deal?

A: I don't know, hopefully sooner, but we'll have to wait and see.

Q: You signed Mike Remmers. Where is he? Were you just waiting for him to pass his physical before you signed him?

A: I worked with Mike for two years. He is a pro, a real pro, and he played winning football for us in Minnesota. I knew a lot about Mike and then he started last year every game and played well. We were in talks with him, took a couple of physicals, just went through the process and signed him.

Q: When do you expect him to be full?

A: We'll have to see. He is working his way back, just like some guys this time of year, so we'll just have to see.

Q: Will he be ready for training camp?

A: Oh yeah, he'll be ready to go once the season starts, for sure.

Q: What is your take on the timing on Nate Solder's procedure?

A: He just had a little clean up in his ankle. Something that happens for guys. We felt like it started to flare up a little bit, and felt like we should take care of it. He will be back soon. He will be ready for training camp.

Q: Was the hope for him that it would just take care of itself?

A: No. I am certainly not a doctor but it is just one of those things we had to clean up a little piece of it. Nothing major. We have time. He is a guy that is a real pro about getting ready to play. He will be able to do that.

Q: Any other injury updates? And there were some guys missing today.

A: There are some guys dealing with clean ups. We had a couple guys that the weather got them (and their travel).

Q: Is this the first time you have had Kyle Lauletta on the field?

A: No, he has been out there working his way back. He would have had what I call a knee clean up.

Q: Jon Halapio?

A: He was really playing well for us before he got hurt a year ago. So we had high hopes for him last season. It appears he has come back 100 percent and is back in there just like he was when he left us.

Q: How would you characterize Jones being here being good for Manning and Manning being good for Jones?

A: I think it is good on both counts. I think it is a really, really good quarterback room. Two very competitive guys that work well together. Guys are in there just trying to get better with each rep and they help each other and I feel really good about the interaction that they have had to this point. The way quarterbacks communicate, they are smart guys that are highly competitive and well accomplished players. They are doing what they can to get ready to play. Eli is getting ready to play winning football and Daniel Jones is trying to learn the offense and get himself ready to play week one, like all the quarterbacks in the room. Because they have a general respect for each other and because that really is a healthy quarterback room, they can improve and get better. I think that is good.

Q: Have you sensed any tension?

A: Noooo. Not at all. These are pros.

Q: There are some veteran quarterbacks who don't view themselves as mentors to younger players. How would you describe Eli as a mentor?

A: There is a lot of conversation with regard to that. You have a guy that has played ing this league for a very long time and is getting himself ready to play the 2019 season. He has a process that he goes through. We have a new draft pick that is trying to get himself ready to play week one. They are racing to get themselves better. They help each other. That is the way these rooms work if you have a good room.

Q: Did Eli lose weight?

A: I don't think he did, he might have just re-shaped a little bit, but if he did, I am sure he feels better moving around out there. I know I feel better when I lose weight.

Q: What has been your first interactions with Jabrill Peppers?

A: He made an impact today, he had an interception there. He is the kind of guy that if you don't know him, I always admired his style of play. Super competitive, loves football and communicates really well. He is really good in coverage. He got his hand on a ball and almost got his hand on two more. He is out there and you can see he is excited about playing football. When you guys in the lineup like that, it rubs off on other guys.

Q: Do you think Saquon will have more of a load this year?

A: I don't know about more. He had a big load a year ago. It makes sense for us to hand him the ball and we can throw it to him as well. He will be involved for sure. We try and watch it and see. I wouldn't say manage it but we will try and spread the ball. We have other good players that should touch the ball as well.

T Mike Remmers

Q: What have the last couple of weeks and months been like for you…throughout the free agency process?

A: It's tough with the family, trying to figure out what's going to happen, trying to figure out where you're going to be. Mr. Gettleman called, man I was so pumped to get the call and I'm happy to be here.

Q: Will you remind me, you were probably keeping your options open but when you left here the first time, in your mind did you expect to be back here?

A: I thought we had a really good first visit and I thought that talking to my agent and everything that this would be a great fit for me here. I'm very familiar with a handful of the coaches and everything, so we just thought it was a good fit for me here. Like I said, I'm just super happy to be here.

Q: What actually happened with your back? What required surgery?

A: It was just a little surgery, not a big deal. I feel great right now though, really.

Q: How much of the familiarity with Pat (Shurmur) and with Dave kind of drove you here and sped that process up?

A: It was great because just knowing them and being familiar with them and familiar with the offense. I feel very comfortable with the offense already, there's some wrinkles here and there that I need to learn, but I feel like if I hopped in right now, I'd be pretty comfortable out there.

Q: What do you like about this group that you are with now?

A: It's been great so far. I'm still meeting everyone and trying to get a personal relationship with everyone, but it's been a very good week here and I'm really happy. I'm looking forward to this upcoming season.

Q: How important was it to you to get back to being a tackle? Is that something you wanted?

A: Tackle, I have the absolute most experience there, from high school, to college, to pros. I have the most experience at tackle. Last year I played all guard, the year before that mainly tackle and a few games at guard. It was different playing guard, I feel like my experience there will help me though going back to tackle. I feel like I learned a lot there but I am looking forward to playing tackle again. 

Q: You are coming here, this is a team that needs you, they need your help on the offensive line, is that any different than going to a team that say is stacked … (inaudible)

A: I mean honestly, competition makes everyone better. They have some great players here and even though they need that spot, there's a lot of competition out there still and that will help everyone develop and get everybody ready for the season.

You and Kevin (Zeitler) have been in the league for a long time, what's your relationship? Have you crossed paths before?

A: I never have, this is the first time I have met him and he's great, I love him so much. So I know that we'll have a good time this season.

Q: How do you get that on field chemistry to click as quickly as possible?

A: Really just like this last week and today even, you know we're doing OTA'S and going up against our defense. We've just been communicating and I think that's working really well for us in the O-line room and on the field. Communication is critical.

Q: What's it like having such a small guy next to you?

A: That guy is enormous. He makes me feel really small. He is a wide guy, so he definitely looks the part. You can tell he's got a great attitude and you can just tell how much it means to him and that helps everyone around him. You can see how hard he is working, it pushes everyone else to work even harder.

Q: Some of the guys they brought in, you included, they're talking about the culture building. What does that mean?

A: You're working with coaches and players all day every day and you don't want a guy that is maybe a jerk or something like that. You want to have someone that you can work well with and I guess that they think that I work well with them. I'm here to learn, I'm here to be coached, and I'm trying to improve as a player

Q: When you have a guy like Saquon (Barkley) in the backfield, are you guys sitting there going, let's run every play?

A: I mean I love that. I love running the ball

Q: When do you think you'll be ready to go?

A: Hopefully soon. I feel great right now, so we'll see what they say.

Cornerback Sam Beal

Q: How great did it feel to be out there and healthy?

A: Good, I feel like I should be out there. Last year I sat around and watched. It feels good to be able out there.

Q: With the opportunity to hang around last year and learn the defense, do you feel like you are playing faster considering you weren't able to go out there and execute, do you feel all that studying helped you?

A: It did, learning from the older guys and having veteran coaches to teach me. So, it made me smart so when I got out there today it connected and everything went down.

Q: Was today a big day for you?

A: It was. The first day out there in a year. It felt good.

Q: Are you worried about the shoulder at this point?

A: No, I don't think about, I can't think about it.

Q: Do you feel more like a rookie or more like a veteran?

A: I mean I can't say. I haven't touched the field yet. Play like both though, play like a veteran but feel like a rookie.

Q: You mentioned the veterans have been helping you out, what have they told you to make up for the physical part on the field?

A: When things get bad because when I get out there I might forget something you never know – you have to react, you are going to react the wrong way or the right way. I try to react the right way.

Q: What do you like about this group of young defensive backs?

A: They are all competitive. All ready to work, everybody raising their hand ready to ask questions.

Q: Who is the most competitive?

A: I can't leave it on one person, we are all competitive. We all believe in each other. We all make each other competitive.

Q: What was your feeling, when you started seeing them draft corners in the draft?

A: I got some work. NYPD (New York Pass Defense), the new NYPD.

Q: When you have so many rookies, does that add to the expectation for you not to be a rookie?

A: When they came in, I had to explain something to them. Just because I haven't played doesn't mean I can't coach them too. When they came around, I gave them some advice just like the older guys gave me. Coach let us know the same thing, help the younger guys even though I'm a young guy too. I've been here, so I have to help them.

Q: Was there ever a thought of trying to play through it last year?

A: I actually did. I played through it for like a week with the shoulder messed up, then they finally let me know I should get the surgery.

Q: What were you thinking when you went on to the field today?

A: Just compete. Today they told me I was going be with the ones so I got excited. Go out there and show them what I can do.

Q: You think you can stay with the ones?

A: Oh yeah, no doubt. Flying around – I love flying around and competing with those guys makes it fun.

Q: Any concerns with the shoulder?

A: I don't even think about it. With the rehab all offseason, I didn't go home, I stayed here just to rehab. I don't even think about anymore, I just go out there and get my feet wet, it's all about footwork.

Q: Are you interested in getting that first hit?

A: That's going to be the fun part. I feel good, I feel strong.

Q: How do you prepare for contact?

A: Hitting big bags, boxing, a lot of pushups. Basically, landing making sure your arms hit the ground hard making sure you get that feeling. You don't want it to be too different when you get out there, so I do a lot to get some of that back.

Q: Did doctors tell you anything about the possibility of it being a problem going forward?

A: Its really up to me. I'm going to work hard. I know it's secure. The more I do the more secure its going to be. I try to work hard to make sure it's secure.

Q: Tell us about the play where you tipped it up to Jabrill?

A: I just saw the quarterback staring him down, I have some good eyes. I could see how he was looking. Just played my part. Right place right time.

Q: The goal there is to tip it straight up and hope someone gets it?

A: The goal is to pick it. I got a hand up there.

Q: Do you consider yourself a physical corner?

A: Yes sir.

Q: Was your rehab for your shoulder different than the rehab before you ended up having the surgery last year?

A: When you get to the NFL you have a lot of specialists. I feel like the guys here were real helpful. The strength and conditioning coach and the trainers took a lot of time out for me. I had a lot of one-on-one time with them.

Q: Do you think you are better prepared for a starting job now compared to a year ago?

A: Yeah, just film work. It actually puts you on a different level. You see stuff that you have already seen on film, so it kind of helps me. So yes I could say that.

Q: What was that like for you last year?

A: I never really sat out, well my freshman year I did. I haven't sat out a football game since I was (inaudible) so it was different for me. I got used to it, just learning and watching film. Like I said I had veteran guys around teaching me. It was helpful for me actually.

Janoris Jenkins

Q: How are you embracing this role as the leader of the cornerback room?

A: "I'm embracing it, as far as being the leader of the room. Just lead the young guys the best way I can, and show them how to be a pro."

Q: How do you show them how to be a pro?

A: "Just lead by example. Go out, work hard, compete on the ball and finish, and just come out to work every day."

Q: Have you ever been surrounded by so many young guys?

A: "To be honest, I've never been surrounded by a lot of young guys, but like I said I have to come out and do what I have to do, lead by example and just show them how to be a pro."

Q: What's been your impression of the young guys, as far as their work habits, attention to detail, and how fast they can learn?

A: "They're locked in. Everybody is locked in and focused. They came to work and they just keep putting in work."

Q: Which of the guys have stood out to you the most as far as what you've seen from them on the field?

A: "Today was really the first day we were on the field going fast. As far as the classroom, everybody seemed like they were focused, learning, picking my brain, picking the coaches' brain and asking questions. When you get young guys doing that, it's a positive."

Q: You guys had a chance to see (CB Sam) Beal last year. I'm sure you have an impression of what he can do and his capabilities.

A: "So far, he's picked up everything. He came in doing what he's has to do. I can tell he studied the playbook over the offseason. I'm just excited to work with him."

Q: When you get young guys asking you a bunch of questions, does that help you sharpen your game as well?

A: "Of course, because it lets me know that I have to be on top of my game at all times because I have young guys watching me. Like I said, just lead my example."

Q: How fast did you go from being the young guy to a veteran?

A: "It happened fast but it's a part of my job. I'm just ready."

Q: Did they talk to you about that, as far as that being a part of your job?

A: "Yeah, they talked to me when we got back. They just told me they look forward to me meeting the young guys. I'm up for the challenge."

Q: How strange is it to you that (Lions DT Damon Harrison Sr.) 'Snacks' and (Browns LB Olivier Vernon) 'OV' are gone?

A: "I'm excited for those guys, wherever they went. You have to understand business is business. As far as me, I'm just here to play football."

Q: We didn't mention (Redskins S) Landon (Collins) in there, but are you surprised that you're here and Landon's not playing next to you?

A: "Like I told y'all, business is business in the NFL. Everything and every move they make is always about business. I'm happy for those guys – business is business.

Q: Did you always expect to be back here?

A: "I really wasn't worried about where I would be. I just knew that I'd be on somebody's team, and whoever it was, I'm going to be Jackrabbit."

Q: How about your goals for this year? Maybe getting back to the Pro Bowl. How can you make that happen?

A: "Just lead by example, make the most plays that I can make, make sure I finish every play and make sure I be the backbone of the secondary."

Q: Given the turnover of the defense, do you notice the guys playing a little faster even though you have a lot of new faces out there?

A: "Yeah, I've noticed that, but for myself, I notice I'm playing way faster, because I've been in the system once before, and everything now is just about continuing what I didn't do so well last year, and just coming out and competing."

Q: I know it's just one day, but (S) Jabrill (Peppers) had an interception today, (CB) Tony Lippett had an interception today, a fumble picked up by (CB) Antonio Hamilton. It seemed like the defense was getting their hands on the ball frequently.

A: "That just shows that everybody is up to par. Everybody understands what's going on in the defense and we're playing fast."

Q: How would you sum up your season last year? What are some of the things you'd like to improve on this year?

A: "Just finishing better, making more tackles and just staying consistent. As far as that, just making the most plays I can make, because everybody knows that I can make plays, but just being focused all 16 games."

Q: You've played with a lot of safeties over your career. What stands out with Jabrill Peppers over the first couple of weeks?

A: "He's a physical guy. I can tell that he likes to study a lot. He's just ready to be a part of the defense."

Q: Are you ready for games with young guys out there? They're probably going to target the younger guys more often. Are you ready for the ball to go everywhere else before even looking your way?

A: "I'm ready, but I always have to be prepared on my side. I can't just say the ball is going to go to the young guys because I had an up-and-down season last year. I just have to do what I have to do and hopefully they spread it around."

Q: Is that what you consider it? An up-and-down season?

A: "Yeah, it was up and down. I came in with an injury. I had a little injury. It took me like game eight to really feel like myself again. From there, I've just been on point."

Q: Do you have any doubt that you can return as one of the best corners in football again?

A: "I will, 2019 Jackrabbit, I will, for sure."

Q: Are you 100 percent now?

A: "I'm 110 percent."

Kevin Zeitler

Q: Kevin how have you adjusted?

A: Doing well, me and my family been here about a month now. We moved into our house and everything. We are excited, I love being here, I love working with the guys. Today was a good first step.

Q: What's the biggest challenge of coming to a new team?

A: I think there are a lot of little things at first. Learning a new offense again for the fifth time in five years. Then little things between o-lineman you know how people set, what people think, how fast things go. Today was day one, a couple things here and there, but it's a good start.

Q: Is it tough that the two starting tackles are not out there during OTA's?

A: It's fine, I think it's actually a great thing overall for the o-line and for the team. The more reps' other guys can get, you never know what's going to happen in this league. A sled could fall on the back of your leg like me last year. You want the guys to have as many reps and be as game ready as possible.

Q: How good can this o-line be with the guys you have here talent wise?

A: You like to think there is no limit to what we can do. Especially with the talent around us like Eli and Saquon in the backfield. We have a long way to go and a lot to do. We'll see what happens once the actual season rolls around.

Q: Coach Hunter spoke about you and said you were a guy that pays attention to the littlest detail, have you taken leadership of the offensive line, especially with Nate and Mike not available to play?

A: I think that's just by default, it has to happen. Nate is the leader in the room, he's been here and everyone respects him, he's done great things. Obviously, I'm the old guy out there right now, any level second or third string I have to be able to help the guards and get them rolling.

Q: What about playing with Remmers and what that offers you to team up with him?

A: I think it's cool. I got to talk to him the last two days, he seems like a great guy. Obviously, he's had success in Carolina and Minnesota. I'm all about it.

Q: What was your reaction to coming here and just the opportunity to play with the Giants?

A: It was exciting. A big surprise, I didn't see that coming. I'm glad to be here. I know the Giants are a big historical organization with a lot of success with Super Bowls. No matter what anyone says we have to put the work in once the season rolls around.

Q: How much can a veteran quarterback help an offensive line just getting into the right positions?

A: It's great – when you have a true veteran who's had success, I'm sure he knows everything about the game. I'm sure he knows better than some coaches in the league. I think him being a true coach, in general, on the field will be great. He sees something, he'll put us in the best position to help the play.

Q: How exciting is it to block for (RB) Saquon (Barkley) and what he's able to do?

A: Very exciting – I think everyone wanted him in the draft. You see the highlights from the year before. I think anytime he has a chance to touch the ball, there is a chance he can break it. So, it's on us to get it done so we can do that more often.

Q: What's your first impression of (G) Will Hernandez?

A: Strong, very, very strong. He's a good young guard. Even watching today, I think he can be special.

Q: Seems like you guys share a lot of similarities in your play. Do you kind of see that?

A: I think so. He wants to work, he wants to get better every day. I think that's just the basis of someone who wants to be good in this league.

Q: There's been a lot of pressure on this offensive line the last few years in regards to if this group can function the way it needs to. Can you talk about the potential of what you guys can be?

A: I think we all know the potential is there, but potential doesn't mean much. We have to put the work in each day, and actually get it done. The only way to see that will be once the games start rolling. If Saquon is running and busting runs every week.

Q: People often use the words 'no nonsense' when talking about you. What does that mean?

A: For me, I just try to take my time seriously here. You've only got so many hours in the building, whether it's lifting, practice, meetings – you should really take advantage of it. Once that's done, you can cool down, but just taking the time seriously in the building.

Q: Offensive linemen like their run game. They like to knock people over, but you were the highest rated pass blocking guard in the NFL. Talk about the pride you take in your pass blocking.

A: That was a cool thing last year. I credit a lot to my teammates around me too, because it's never just one guy. It's so many little things – scheme, the guys around you, the communication. That was great, but that was last year. This year, a lot of talent, a lot of challenges, and we'll take it each week at a time. Hopefully working with the guys around me, we can keep having that type of success, because that's happening, obviously the whole O-line is doing well, and that's what matters."

Q: Is it an issue with the line group when you sit there and think (QB) Eli (Manning) got sacked 47 times last year. That can't happen again this year.

A: Yeah, absolutely. The way for your team to do better is if your QB has more time and feels good. That's just everyone in the room. You don't even need to ask them. You know everyone in the room wants that to disappear.

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