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Quotes (9/11): Coach Tom Coughlin



Tom Coughlin **

Q: Beason didn't get any better, I guess?
A: No.

Q: Was it worse?
A: He just didn't get any better. Didn't get to the point where he felt he could play, and play the way he would like to. And the medical people agreed.

Q: What's the process with him going forward now?
A: It's like anything. If he's going to get better, he's going to get better. So hopefully, as fast as possible.

Q: What kind of predicament does that put you in at linebacker?
A: We've prepared for that. We've had a preseason and a good full day yesterday with Unga in that position. So, I think a young guy, obviously who has not had that much experience in there, but he'll give great effort.

Q: Any apprehension to start a rookie in that spot? Obviously the guy who makes the play calls and all that stuff.
A: He's done enough of that to assure that the communication will be done.

Q: How's Cruz doing?
A: He's doing fine.

Q: We're waiting for one day for you to tell us he's running.
A: Well he's not. What can I do? What more can I tell you?

Q: In his case, again, it's not that it's worse, it's the same?
A: No, he's getting better, he's getting better. He's improved, no doubt.

Q: You guys play so many games in so few days, is there a worry that this could go to Week 4?
A: I really can't comment on that. As soon as he's ready to go, he'll be on the field and practicing. Until that time, we're all trying to figure out when exactly he'll be ready.

Q: Where is Jasper Brinkley at right now? Does he know enough where he could step in?
A: He obviously does not have a lot of time, but he's learning the defensive system and he's being able to communicate it. It may be that there would be some limitations if he was in there, but some things I'm sure he'll know well enough to be able to communicate.

Q: We talked to Spags yesterday, he talked about the safety position and using all those guys. What do you need to see to settle on a guy there? What are you looking for?
A: Well you have to have somebody that can actually get everybody lined up, make all the communication calls, and then play the game at a very high level. So that's what you're looking for.

Q: Has that been a bigger challenge than you even expected?
A: It's not bigger, it's not bigger.

Q: Do you have that guy that you're confident can be that guy at this point?
A: We're making progress towards it. Hopefully we're going to get there.

Q: It seems Eli might be getting a new contract soon. Is it good to get him settled so he can just concentrate on the season?
A: I think that there would be no doubt for all of us to have that behind us, particularly Eli and his family, to have that behind them and no longer have questions about that every day or every time he appears. I think that's a good thing.

Q: I assume, in your estimation, it's a deserving thing if he earns it?
A: I've said it many times, and I'll say it again: He's our quarterback, he's the guy that's our leader. He's been an MVP of two Super Bowl's. He's a great player, and we are excited to have this accomplished and looking forward to being on the field.

Q: How do you view the NFC East?
A: Are you serious? Come on. I was about to leave here after one question, and you're still going. How do I feel about the NFC East?

Q: Where do you guys stand compared to past years and this season?
A: There's four teams in the division. All of us are fighting to be the team that wins the NFC East. We haven't played a game yet, so we're excited about that. Looking forward to it.

Q: Last year you took the team down to the 9/11 memorial before the season started. Any thoughts on this day and what it means?
A: Very emotional for all of us. We should always remember. We should never forget the lessons learned on 9/11. But one of the things to really grab a hold of is the way it unified our country, and made us literally one, with everyone saying what can we do? What can we do? From that standpoint, it's a tremendous example for our football team of people coming together and realizing that they have to serve each other. They have to work with each other and for each other to make it the best possible circumstance. So although it's a sad day to remember, and we share all those emotions with our entire country, not just New Yorkers for what happened some 14 years ago. On the other hand, we have great respect and admiration for those, and again, the way we feel about the fireman and the policemen and all those who served their fellow men on that particular day—our respect couldn't be higher.

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