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Quotes (9/27): Janoris Jenkins, Pat Shurmur, Assistant Coaches

CB Janoris Jenkins

Q: One of the receivers you have to face this week, Terry McLaurin, has done a hell of a job in the first month of the season, what is it about him?

A: He's fast, he has good route running ability. We just have to stay on top of our game.

Q: Do you feel like you need to get back on top of your game?

A: There isn't any pressure, I'm going to do that anyway.

Q: How do you feel like you guys got better this week as a secondary?

A: We are getting better, we understand the formations, route concepts, and like I said, we are just out here working just trying to get better.

Q: How do you guys start faster? The last two games, a bad first half, a good second half. How do you get two good halves?

A: We have to come out fast, everybody knows that. Everybody has to be on point, including myself, and just play football.

Q: Has it been you just aren't on your p's and q's in the first half?

A: It has been a lot of stuff, but like I said, we went into the film room, we watched it, got it corrected and know how we have to start. Everybody is on the same page now and we are ready to play football.

Q: I know they say cornerbacks need to have a short memory, but when you have a game like last Sunday, how important is it to come back out and have a big game next week just for your own confidence?

A: It's just important to come back out and play football. Everybody gets paid. Like I said, there isn't any pressure. You have games like that, I'm just ready to play this week.

Q: Would you ever ask for help against a guy like Mike Evans?

A: No, I like to play football. You have to understand they are going to make some plays. I am going to make some plays. I'm ready to play football, it's a new week. Like I said, there isn't any pressure.

Q: Is there added motivation? You look at the numbers and the pass defense is the worst in the league, you aren't getting any pressure up front. Is that something that motivates you guys in meetings or in conversations?

A: Yes, it just motivates us to come together as a defense. Everybody plays faster, plays harder and just count on each other to do their job and we are going to be okay.

Q: In the years that we have known you, you have always had that one-track focused mindset. I have never seen you get really upset, never seen you get too high, either. Is that consistency very important to your success?

A: It's important. You have to understand, I play cornerback. Like I said, they are going to make plays, I'm going to make plays, it's just how the game turns out. You just move forward, it's football, you can't defend everything, you can't knock down everything. You just go out and play football and then bounce back. Whatever happened, happened.

Q: How do you look at Case Keenum?

A: A very smart quarterback. I played with him in back in St. Louis, he was the backup quarterback. Smart guy, can make a lot of throws, he understands the offense and knows what's going on. We just have to stay focused.

Q: Do you think you serve as an example in this situation for somebody young like Baker, that you have to bounce back from tough times?

A: Yeah, most definitely. He is going to see Sunday on how I am going to bounce back and hopefully he learns from it. It's a teaching experience for him, going through me. Like I said, we are just ready.

Q: You have said no pressure several times, so you aren't putting pressure on yourself?

A: There isn't any pressure, I am just going to go out there and play football the way I always play football.

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HC Pat Shurmur

Opening Statement (Pat Hanlon): The three guys that are out are (Saquon) Barkley, Tae Davis and (Alec) Ogletree. Olsen Pierre practiced fully today and (Cody) Latimer has been cleared.

Q: What have you liked about (Ryan) Connelly so far to give him a lot of responsibility?

A: He has great instincts. He's very smart. He works extremely hard, and he just has a feel for playing the position. I think that helped him in the game. He was playing next to Tree (Alec Ogletree), and then when Tree went down, he slid over and made the calls like Tree. He actually performed very well. He's a young player, so a lot of it is new. But because he has really good instincts, it kind of comes natural to him.

Q: You kind of hinted at (Jon) Hilliman being promoted (from the practice squad). What went into the timing, and is this a season-ender for Russell Shepard?

A: Well, the timing, we've been preparing him to be up. So, even though he wasn't active, we were preparing him to be active. Then the timing of it, we were waiting to see the right move to make. We were giving Russell a chance to see how that foot was going to come back. That's why.

Q: Three of your captains, two of them are hurt and not playing and the other one is your backup quarterback. Are you going to reassess that at all or add people to that group?

A: No. Not at all. We have multiple captains. In theory, you only have to send one to the coin flip. So, no. Just because they're hurt doesn't mean they're not captains. The move at quarterback, certainly, Eli's (Manning) leadership is very important.

Q: What have you seen from (Ereck) Flowers playing inside at guard for (Washington)? Was that ever a consideration here?

A: We played him primarily at tackle. He did get some reps at guard, but we felt like we had other players there. I think he's playing hard. I think he's playing pretty well. He's kind of a valued member of their offensive line.

Q: How big of a transition is that to make from tackle to guard?

A: Some guys can do it. A lot of it has to do with your body type and your skillset. He's a big, physical guy. In close quarters, he does a good job of getting his hands on you. That helps you at guard. They feel like he's the best at that spot for them, and like I said, I think he's playing pretty well.

Q: What are the traits (Terry) McLaurin has shown? He has been very prolific in these first few games as a receiver for them.

A: He's really a pretty dynamic player, especially for a rookie to jump on the scene like he has. We liked him a great deal in the draft. Obviously, when we were evaluating Dwayne Haskins, we got to look at him quite a bit. We did a full evaluation on him. We liked him. It comes as no surprise to us that he's having success.

Q: I know Evan (Engram) did a lot in the offseason to prepare his body better. Have you seen that in his play this year?

A: Yeah, I think he prepared well physically, mentally, in all areas. I think he's done a good job of improving his blocking in the way that we ask him to block. I just have seen a guy that's developed his game to the point where it's affected his confidence, too, where he's more confident in what he's doing.

Q: I don't think we had an opportunity to ask you, but on the play where Alec Ogletree ended up getting injured, they extended the play. We kind of saw that last night again where it looked like the guy was clearly down and they let the play play out. As a coach, what do you kind of want there? What's the line there?

A: I think we're in a situation now where a potential fumble, they let it go and they let replay fix it. That's unfortunate that we sustained an injury, but that's just the way it is. The climate for officiating has changed immensely. These are really offseason discussions. I have a lot of very strong opinions about it that I'm not willing to share at this point. But the landscape for officials has changed quite a bit. In the spirit of we all just want to get it right, it's sort of like player safety is on the front burner. From an officiating standpoint, everybody just wants to get it right. As we work through this with the new rules, certainly everybody has a different opinion about how things are being interpreted.

Q: Do you have to coach that up to your players, though? Like you said, they're going to basically let every play play out now.

A: We've always coached it. A ball on the ground, you scoop it and try to score with it because you don't know if it was a fumble, an incomplete pass, open hand, you just don't know. We've seen sometimes in replay where something that seems obvious to go one way goes the other. You just don't know. In those situations, you have to play it out. Unfortunately for us, we got a hamstring injury.

Q: It seemed like Nate Solder last year got a lot better as the season went along. Maybe familiarity with Will (Hernandez) or your system or whatnot. How much do you chalk last Sunday up to just going up against a great pass rusher, or is it that he just kind of he gets better as the year goes along and that's just kind of who he is?

A: I think Nate is an outstanding player, and he has played at a high level for a very, very long time. Early in the year last year, a lot of it could be attributed to a rookie getting up and going. We've spoken often in our little groups here about how important it is, the linemen working together. As Will got more proficient (last year) , it helped the whole left side. I thought Nate had some really good downs the other night, and he did play against a good player, so you just move on.

Q: Why'd you flip the practice schedule on Wednesdays and Thursdays?

A: Yeah, for two weeks now, we haven't talked about that. The reason I did it was if you believe practice is important, I want to practice at the time of day where the players have the most energy, which is late morning. So, we're actually getting more work in. Our afternoon walkthroughs are more meaningful than the morning ones, because we can review and move forward into the next day. I think in the last two weeks, our practices have been better. That's sort of why we did it. It just seemed to make sense. If you think sleep is important, you have to give players time to sleep. If you believe practice is important, then why not practice them at a time when they have the most energy?

RB Coach Craig Johnson

Q: What do you do for a home run hitter?

A: In coaching, this is what you talk about, next man up. You are always prepared for that, we prepared for that all offseason, and I have always told the guy that's not playing, he's a not a second stringer. In this case, Wayne Gallman, who is the starter this week, you always prepare like a starter. This is his opportunity, I can't wait for that to happen.

Q: What is it about Wayne that makes you think he can be successful in that role?

A: He certainly has shown flashes when he has gotten his opportunity to do it. He's proven it this year, he's run at a high level, he's caught the ball well, he's protected well. That's what you have to be able to do. As a starter, you have to be able to do that for the length of the game. That's what has yet to be determined, I can't wait to see that happen.

Q: Tampa made no secrets that it wanted to shut down Saquon. What did they do that really limited the run game on Sunday?

A: I think they played to their goal. Their goal was they were not going to let the run game, specifically Saquon in this case, hurt them. As Saquon has said and I believe strongly, you love to have a really good running game, but the most important thing is winning. If they are going to overplay the run, then you can hurt them in different areas. If you give up one side to be successful in the other, all we care about in the backfield, tight ends, receivers, is scoring points and winning games.

Q: What made you so comfortable with Wayne and bringing up Hilliman that you didn't need to look on the outside for the next four to eight weeks?

A: I think that's confidence and I think that's a great shout out to both guys that we saw what we had. I think our personnel people are always trying to improve your talent, but the bottom line is they looked around and they liked what they had. I think that's a compliment to both guys and now those guys get their opportunity to prove that confidence in them by playing well this weekend.

Q: How much input do you have over that sort of decision?

A: I'll just say as coaches, a lot of the times, we're asked. When you're asked, I'll give my opinion but obviously that's above my lane. The bottom line is, and I've always believed this as a coach, I'm coaching as hard as I can the guys I have on the team and we've shown confidence in the guys that are there, otherwise they wouldn't be here. I can't wait to see the opportunities that are going to happen when they get a chance to go out there and do it on Sunday.

Q: When they bring players in for a workout at your position, are you there?

A: I'm always there, I get a chance to see every player that comes in. There are a lot of opinions taken. As coaches, we take who is given to us on the roster and we'll make that happen. Yes, every coach when there is a guy working out for their position, they are always at the workouts.

Q: Eli Penny has always said he can be a backup halfback if needed. Is he your backup halfback or is Hilliman?

A: That is yet to be determined, but I think Eli is always telling me he is a halfback by trade. The bottom line is he has shown that he has some ability to run the ball. We'll be prepared for that role, if necessary. I'm excited to see what Hilliman is going to do, I think he is going to show what he showed in the preseason. He showed a lot of good stuff, so I can't wait to see how he is going to do when he gets his opportunity, as well as Eli.

Q: What has Hilliman shown you since he got here in camp until now?

A: I think that what he's really shown is that he's been very good, very decisive in the run game. But the key for all running backs—can you run the ball effectively? Two, can you protect the quarterback? Three, can you run good routes? And most importantly, can you protect the football? He's been good in all four phases, so I need him, and that's a challenge to him, to do that on Sunday.

Q: You have obviously built a relationship with Saquon. I'm just curious if you could share a little bit the mentality—you've been around a long time in this league, you know what happens when a star goes down—how difficult and challenging is it going to be for him if you guys kind of slow him down a little and say, "this is what we need you to do," versus "what you want to do."

A: Absolutely. Like you said, I've been in the league, I've been through a couple of rodeos, so the bottom line is when you have a player that's going to be biting to get back on the field, and that's the way Saquon is, he's competitive in everything he does--and obviously I don't have the final say, the medical staff is going to tell us when they think he's ready, they'll ask me my opinion, they'll get that, and we will try to make sure whenever that time is--I don't know when that time is going to be, I have no magical time—when that time is right, we're going to try and make sure that he's ready to play at the level that he can play, at a high level, and protect himself.

Q: It sounds like he has so much more value even behind the scenes than he does on the field, so how do you make sure you don't lose that when a guy feels like—sometimes you hear it from guys, "If I'm not on the field, then maybe my role should be more behind the scenes."

A: I just don't see that in Saquon, either. I think you called that really good. But the bottom line is he's done a good job bringing energy to our team, I think he's done a lot of that, he was voted a captain. Obviously they've seen that in him, but sure, when he's not able to play, it's going to be a little bit of a new role for him. That's yet to be determined, but again, for everybody, especially the coach, I'm going to make sure that he's safe and good if he's down there on the sideline trying to help his teammates do it, and his teammates know that he's there with him.

Q: The three of them (Wayne Gallman, Eli Penny and Jon Hilliman) on pass blocking, are they all equal?

A: Again, that's yet to be determined. I know this much, when it's happened in the preseason and they have been rushed, because all three have, all three have held up, and that's key. A lot of people want to talk about the run game stats and running, but you have to be able to protect your quarterback. That's a must. I've had that since I've been here, so they've got to be able to do that, and they've got to be clean with their routes so the timing is good and so the quarterback knows exactly where they're going to come out, because taking check downs and converting third downs is also an important part of their role.

LB Coach Bill McGovern

Q: Do you have enough bodies this week?
A: We have enough. The guys have been working at it. We're looking forward to it. It's a great challenge, but everyone is stepping up.

Q: What have you seen from Ryan Connelly that's allowed him to step into such a big role so fast?
A: Well, I think the way Ryan prepares. He's obviously a good football player, but he prepares the right way during the week. He's gotten himself ready to play and he's shown up on game day.

Q: How much did things change for him? I know it the start of the second half, he had the green dot and was the signal caller. How much did that change things for him?
A: It's a little something going from having somebody give you the call to making the calls. But again, it's a little bit of a tribute to him in the sense that he's preparing the way he should prepare. He's on top of his game. He studies it. He's putting in the extra time. He just has to be a little bit more vocal now.

Q: How much work did he get of that in the preseason, summer, making the calls?
A: At different times through the situations, he was in there. Not so much all the time with the first group, but with the second group. So, he's made calls to the defense out there. During the week at practice, guys all have the green dot on their helmet during practice, so they've heard it in preseason, they've heard it in practices. They're used to it.

Q: Was that something he did in college, too?
A: No. College is usually all signals, unless they've changed something that I don't know.

Q: Has he surprised you with how quickly he's picked all of it up?
A: No. I'm happy with what he's done, as we thought when we had a chance to go and kind of scout him and look at him. We thought he did have some qualities that we really were excited about.

Q: I want to make sure I understood right. They all have the walkie-talkie during practice?
A: In practice, we have about three or four of the guys that will have them in.

Q: So if Alex (Ogletree) is the one getting them, he's still hearing them?
A: Well, otherwise you're signaling for when the second group goes in. It's one of those rather than have the change-out. It's just a league rule that you're only allowed to have that one on the field at a time.

Q: What about David Mayo? What does he bring? What have you seen from him so far?
A: David's a quick learner. He's competitive as heck. He's active and he's picked things up in a short period of time that he's been here, so we're excited to see him play this weekend.

Q: What do you guys like so much about Nate (Stupar), bringing him back? Obviously, he's probably more of a special teams guy when he was here before. But bringing him back when Alec goes down when there are other options out there, what do you like about him?
A: The one thing about it is that Nate is extremely intelligent. He understands our scheme. He's been involved with our defenses and knows what we do. He's been out on the field for us before. He was coming off an injury last year, so he was a little bit… he's moving better this year. That's was what we were excited about, that he has the opportunity to be back with us now.

Q: There was some thought that maybe Josiah (Tauaefa) could get promoted. How close is he? What did you see from him this summer?
A: I like everything that Josiah's doing. He's been preparing, does a great job in the meeting room. He's working his tail off. When I say this, he's one of those guys who has definitely gotten better since he's been here.

Q: Would you feel comfortable… is he at the point where you think you could put him in a game if they called him up?
A: That's above my pay grade.

Q: I'm not saying whether they are going to call him up. I'm saying for you personally, would you trust him at this point to know…
A: All of those guys, if they're going to be professionals, they all have to prepare to be ready to make the calls and make the plays out there. That's their job. That's their job description.

Q: When you have injuries, do you shorten your bench a little bit in the sense that you might play guys more?
A: Sure. Obviously, we have to have seven deacs on game day. But if you're losing bodies, obviously someone else has to step up and you have to find different roles for different people.

Q: Can any of your edge guys move inside in a pinch if you need it? I know Lorenzo (Carter) had experience there. Is that something that you guys can work with?
A: Could we? Yeah. We've done that in the past. There are guys that can handle that. As we go into any game plan, we're trying to take advantage of their skillsets and get them to do what they do best.

Q: How do you feel about the way Alec Ogletree played the first couple of games before the injury?
A: He's been playing solid. He's in good shape. He's been working at it. He was active and productive. Obviously, we're looking forward to getting him back. He's doing everything he can in terms of rehabbing, and we're looking forward to getting him back when he's healthy.

Q: You talked about scouting Connelly, and that you liked some of his qualities. What were those qualities that you liked when you saw him in college?
A: His intelligence, his quickness. When you talk to people about him that have been around him for a period of time when he was at Wisconsin, their comments. I think those guys, what they saw in him kind of intrigued you as a coach and as an organization.

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