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Quotes: Coach Brian Daboll, QB Daniel Jones, WR Malik Nabers, ILB Bobby Okereke, TE Daniel Bellinger

Head Coach Brian Daboll

Q. What did you make of the news you got from Darren Waller earlier this week?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, I would say the first thing with Darren is my concern for him is more of a person than anything. I'm lad he's doing well. Spoke to him yesterday. Communicated with him throughout the off-season.

That's his decision, we were going to respect the decision and give him as much time as he needed. Wish him well. Here for him if he needs anything. That's what happens in the NFL sometimes.

Q. That opens up some cap space. Do you expect to use that and make a splash signing?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, I mean we're always going to try to improve the roster. How that is, I couldn't tell you right now. Obviously, we have some money here, and we'll continue to do what we always do and try to improve any way we can.

Q. You did not have Darren here all spring. This is not coming as a shock that he's not going to be here. What do you think of your tight end room now?

BRIAN DABOLL: They've done a really good job. Tim Kelly been a great addition to our staff. Really does a good job leading those guys. They're all conscientious guys, have good ability.

They can play multiple positions, so it will be a good training camp.

Q. Is Daniel Bellinger someone who you think -- is there another level for him? If so, what is it?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, I would say you try to improve every year, so not just specifically Daniel, everybody. That's what he tries to do. Again, a good working group. We will get the pads on here in a month and get ready to go.

Q. When you lose a player, regardless of retirement, injury, do you have to replace them so you have enough numbers to get you through training camp?

BRIAN DABOLL: You're talking about for the position of the tight ends?

Q. Yeah, positioning.

BRIAN DABOLL: We're going to have a couple tight ends here as tryout guys. Get a look those guys. Again, we'll look at it once this gets settled down and over the summer know exactly how many numbers we want. Feel good about our group.

Q. Dabs, you talked in the past about your experience coaching tight ends and the idea -- you were a position coach. How has that changed and is it more challenging nowadays for everything that's asked of a tight end for a young guy like Theo to come in and be ready to have an impact on this team?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, that's a good question. There is a variety of personnel groups you can use. You can play with one tight end, no tight ends, two tight ends, three tight ends, sometimes four tight ends. Depending on the player, you ask them to learn multiple spots.

Most of our guys right now have been trained through Tim (Kelly) to learn two to three spots depending on the personnel group we're in. It's always a challenge when you're learning multiple spots, whether you're young or new. That's the job requirements nowadays.

It's kind of evolved throughout the years, but I think it depends, too, on offensively what personnel groups you want to utilize and how many and all the different positions you ask them to play.

We certainly ask our guys to do a fair amount in terms of learning our system, playing multiple positions, and one time you're the F, one time you're the Z, one time you could be the X, one time you could be the Y. They do a good job of studying it. I would say Angela Baker is doing a really good job with Theo.

She meets with him as much as she can to try to catch him up to speed. He's working at it. He's a smart kid.

Q. How much was drafting Theo because of the Waller situation?

BRIAN DABOLL: We just drafted Theo because we thought he was a good player. He has good measurables. Obviously you know what his testing was. He's smart. We thought he would be a good addition to our team.

Q. Dabs, will we see Daniel Jones in team drills the next couple days?

BRIAN DABOLL: I think we'll keep him out of team drills, continue the rehab process. He's really right on point with where he needs to be.

But in terms of the team, we'll keep him out here the next few days and get him ready to go for training camp.

Q. The expectation is that he will be fully cleared for training camp?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, we'll see. He's rehabbing, he's right where he needs to be. We will give him another month here, but he's making progress.

Q. With this camp, is this a continuation of the teaching camp of OTAs or are you kind of pushing towards the next step?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, it really is. No pads, got to make sure you take care of one another the way you practice. Same kind of rules apply in terms of practice.

What we'll do is have some extra meetings. We'll meet after practice, go through the tape. We'll have a couple of NFL meetings we'll do now rather than in training camp. Most of the stuff -- we had an extra walk-through today. Most of everything else is consistent.

We'll only do team stuff today, so be it'll be individual, it'll be team. Won't do 7-on-7 today. That's no reflection of DJ or where he is at.

He's not too happy about it, but we're going to go all team today.

Q. Brian, from what you've seen of Malik Nabers at this point, is he the same guy you saw on film or has he surprised you in any way?

BRIAN DABOLL: No, obviously we thought he was a good player where we selected him. He's got a lot to learn. Was a productive player at LSU. Has a long way to go here. Kind of what we talked about with the tight ends, along with the receivers now, he has to learn multiple positions. He is making strides every day and we'll try to get him ready to go for training camp.

Q. How does Lawrence Cage factor into the tight end equation for you guys?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, I've been very happy with Cage. Probably one of the most improved players throughout the off-season that we've had relative to playing fast, being able to use his speed, not thinking, being in the system here for a little bit.

I've been very happy with his progress. He's got a great schedule. He has come in really early. He's taken to the coaching from Tim Kelly. He has had a really good camp.

Q. Will we see anything from Evan Neal other than walk throughs?

BRIAN DABOLL: No, you'll see him at training camp.

Q. Did he have a setback?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, he's kind of about the same. He's about the same. We're going to back off him here and hopefully we can get -- the plan is right now as of whatever today is, is I think we should have everybody ready to go for training camp, which is important.

So we're going to be smart with a few people. Then hopefully once training camp, July 24th, hits, unless something happens between now and then, hopefully we'll have everybody.

Q. Did he ever enter 11 on 11 on the days we weren't here?

BRIAN DABOLL: No, he's mixed in. He has done some various things. We thought for the next couple days, we'll back off on him.

Q. We talked to Carm (Bricillo) once briefly when the assistant coaches were here. What has told you that you got the hire right, that the offensive line under him is going to be in the vision you want?

BRIAN DABOLL: Well, obviously we're focused on what we're doing right now. He's a very good teacher. I think him and James (Ferentz), I mentioned James before as well, former player, just retired. Have done a good job implementing how they coach, have given them good techniques. Now, you can evaluate movement skills, you can evaluate knowing what to do. The true evaluation is going to come when we're in pads and those guys have to move people and protect the quarterback.

In terms of his communication style, his teaching, he's done a nice job.

Q. We have only seen Josh Ezeudu at tackle this spring. What do you like about him there? Is that because that's where you think he's best suited or because of the numbers?

BRIAN DABOLL: We thought we would give him an opportunity here to play tackle this spring and let him hone in on both sides and continue to work and improve.

He's made good strides. We'll use him here at tackle next couple days as well.

Q: How many tryouts are here?

BRIAN DABOLL: Just a couple guys.

Q. You said you expect everybody at training camp. Does that include Aaron Robinson?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, I'm hoping. That's correct. He's rehabbing, he's working. Again, that's the plan. Whether that comes to fruition or not, that's what I'm expecting, for everybody to be out here. Unless there is some type of setback, which you know there can be, whether it's in the rehab process.

DJ is taking the whole group down and working out with them here in a few weeks, setting something up. Hopefully everybody gets to do that and be ready to go here in July.

Q. Where is Aaron at though?

BRIAN DABOLL: He's making progress.

Q. Drew Lock, the amount of teamwork he's done, are you impressed with where he is now compared to where you started this spring? Is there anything he can do these two days in the spring to turn training camp into a competition rather than "I'm just the backup"?

BRIAN DABOLL: We've talked about that. He understands his role. I think he's come a long way. There is a lot to learn playing that position. There is a lot of vocabulary, there's new plays. One word means something to him in another system. He's been to a few different places. He has been a true pro.

He has definitely improved since he has gotten here. Good to get two more work days here with the guys that he might not necessarily get as many reps with once we get to training camp.

Quarterback Daniel Jones

Q. So when you hear that they're doing all 11 on 11 today, no 7-on-7, you weren't pumped up, were you?

DANIEL JONES: No, I wasn't pumped up (laughs). I'm not a coach, I don't make those calls. I understand. Dabs wanted to get a lot of team work and that's what they did. Yeah, wasn't my favorite thing, but that's not my job.

Q. Usually is your favorite thing, right, when your participating?

DANIEL JONES: Yeah, I think all of the reps are valuable, for sure. Looked like they got some good work in today. Take a look at the film and see what went on.

Q. How do you feel? How does your knee feel on a day-to-day basis?

DANIEL JONES: Knee feels good. Really good. I think every week I've continued to feel better and better and taking steps. Doing a lot of the same things I've been doing, but doing them better and feeling sharper, cleaner with a lot of my cuts. Kind of working on getting that explosiveness back and then taking steps in improving my change of direction and cutting from even where it was before the injury.

Q. Is this a win for you, almost like a milestone you were hoping to get to minicamp and be here and be healthy, now you are?

DANIEL JONES: Yeah, I think, yeah, I've kind of hit every mark I've set to hit, and the trainers and doctors set for me to this point. I'll continue to try to do that. I'm going to push to do as much as they'll let me do. I feel good about where I am and the process we've followed and how we've gone about it. We'll continue to work through this week obviously and then through the summer leading up to training camp.

Q. What are your expectations for training camp?

DANIEL JONES: I expect to be ready to go the first day of training camp.

Q. Where is the beard?

DANIEL JONES: (Laughs) Had to clean it up a little bit. Had to clean it up. We'll see. We had picture day yesterday and it was just time to clean it up.

Q. Did you lose some weight?

DANIEL JONES: I didn't lose any weight, no. I'm about the same.

Q. Can you still develop a rapport with the wide receivers with some of the work you are doing even though you're not participating in 11 on 11, especially with a guy like Malik (Nabers) who's a rookie?

DANIEL JONES: Yeah, the reps we get and routes on air are valuable. You know, the time we spend in the meeting room talking about things, talking about how we see certain routes, how we see things playing out against certain looks. All that stuff kind of helps build that chemistry and rapport, and you've got to take advantage of all the time you get. I feel like we'll be good to go.

Q. How much of a weapon can Malik be?

DANIEL JONES: I think he can be a tremendous weapon for us. He's had a good spring. He's looked good and made a lot of plays. You know, it takes time and work and we'll put that in.

Q. What excites you about his physical ability?

DANIEL JONES: I mean, he can do everything. There is not much that he can't do really from a route running standpoint. He is dynamic with the ball in his hands and strong, fast, explosive, catches the ball well. Yeah, he does a lot well.

Q. Jalin (Hyatt) said he spent a lot of time with you this off-season. What have you seen from him?

DANIEL JONES: Yeah, I think he's made a ton of improvement this off-season, and was really dialed in on some of the smaller details of route running, understanding how defenders are trying to play him and how to gain leverage and gain separation. He's worked tremendously hard this off-season, and I think it's shown up on the field this spring. It's been really fun working with him. He's an extremely talented guy obviously, and he's only getting better.

Q. With Darren Waller officially not here, do you guys have enough in the tight end room? A guy like Daniel Bellinger, can he be a weapon in the pass game you think?

DANIEL JONES: Yeah, absolutely. I think we've got a lot of great players in that room, and Darren obviously was a great player and wish him the best in his retirement. But, Bellinger has looked good, and then Theo (Johnson), (Lawrence) Cager, Chris (Manhertz), all of those guys in that room have played well.

Q. You expect to be here for the first day of training camp. What is your outlook for the team for the year in your mind, overall outlook?

DANIEL JONES: We have high expectations. We always do. You know, we're going to get there by putting the work in every day and making sure we're ready to go for the first day of training camp, and when we get into training camp, getting everything out of each practice and improving and growing together. We've got high expectations of what we can be as a team and what we can be as an offense.

Q. Is this sleeve going to be part of the uniform for the foreseeable future?

DANIEL JONES: It's just something to keep it warm and something the trainers had me wearing. There is no support element to it. It's just to keep it warm and loose.

Q. So why no brace?

DANIEL JONES: That was a doctors' and trainers' decision. It feels good. Feels strong. Feels stable. Just not really necessary.

Q. Do you have any doubt that when you are cleared, and you go to training camp that you will be the same dynamic athlete that you've been putting your foot in the ground with no hesitation and no physical limitations?

DANIEL JONES: No, I don't have any doubt about it. I think I can do all that stuff now and I'll be even better in a month.

Q. You can do it now?


Q. Your metrics are all...


Q. What's your perception of the couple guys they brought in to start along the offensive line and the new coach for that unit? How optimistic can be you now about improvements?

DANIEL JONES: I think those guys have played really well throughout this spring and I've enjoyed working with Carm(en) (Bricillo) and all of those guys together. I think they've had a good spring kind of gelling together, talking through things, working things out. I think those guys have fit in really well.

Q. You plan on sticking around here for the six weeks off?

DANIEL JONES: Yeah, I'll be here mostly. Got a couple trips but I'll be here mostly.

Q. You going to bring the guys together?

DANIEL JONES: Yeah, we're going to get together like we always do and work out for a few days.

Wide Receiver Malik Nabers

Q. What was today like for you? A little bit different than the OTAs?

MALIK NABERS: The level of competition rises, actually today. Competition was good today. Starting to get the offense down a little bit, I was out there playing fast.

Q. What is it about this offense that you really like?

MALIK NABERS: I mean, we've got a lot of key points in the offense that makes a lot of guys move around. You can fit a receiver in any route concept we have. I think we can use that to our advantage this season.

Q. How is your rapport with (quarterback) Daniel (Jones) and how much work do you have to put in outside to given the fact that he's not participating in the 11 on 11?

MALIK NABERS: When Daniel comes back, I'm sure he's going to be helpful to the offense, but right now we just focus on the guys we've got in right now.

Q. How are you balancing, No. 1 draft pick, a lot of pressure on you, in New York? How are you balancing keeping your focus and still delivering the way you know you can?

MALIK NABERS: I feel like it's no pressure. I've been playing football all of my life. I'm just trying to stay up with the guys here. You know, put the competition that those older guys want to see out of me. I'm just trying to be me, trying to level up my game every day I'm out here.

Q. Have you thought about what you're going to do after this week when you guys are done? Are you going to take some time off? Go home? Almost like a six-week stretch. ..

MALIK NABERS: Right. Right now, I haven't been thinking. I'm just locked in on competing this week, coming out here every day, practice with the group. When the time comes, I'll make my decision on whether I want to take a break or continue training.

Q. You've been going at it pretty good. The pre-draft and all this stuff.


Q. Do you feel like you could use a little refresher before training camp?

MALIK NABERS: Of course I can, but right now I'm going to stay in the books with this offense. It's a little complicated so I'm going to stay in my books and study so when I come back for training camp, I'm fast and ready to go.

Q. How much of an impact do you think you can make as a rookie?

MALIK NABERS: I'm not sure. I can only be a great teammate to the guys here, help my team win some football games, do anything Coach Daboll wants me to do in the offense.

Q. You consider yourself a difference maker, don't you?

MALIK NABERS: Yes, of course. Right now, I'm trying to get the offense down, stay out here with my guys, practice at a high speed. That's really it.

Q. What kind of first impression do you think you've made so far?

MALIK NABERS: I believe a good impression. When I'm out there on the field, the level of competition rises at its highest – because my competition, I bring the dog, I bring the juice when I'm out there.

So having me on the field, it's been helpful to those older guys here. Just trying to bring some enthusiasm out there on the field. The celebrations, I know you've seen a lot of the celebrations, so just trying to get all the guys ready to practice.

Q. What's is your overall impression of the weapons on this offense?

MALIK NABERS: Wan'Dale (Robinson), Jalin Hyatt, (Darius) Slay(ton), every time we're out there anybody can get the ball. It's never the ball is going to one person. Anybody can be open at a certain amount of time. It's great sharing the field with those guys because we're all fast and we are all running, doing route concepts and stuff, so it's easy to get the ball in our hands in space.

Q. Last Thursday's practice, was that a good example of how you can take over, the way you were going deep, flying around, catching touchdowns? Is that a preview of what you can do in the NFL?

MALIK NABERS: Yeah, I would say so. You know, that's just me. When I'm out there on the field just everything I do is just me. I can't really say, "I can bring it to the NFL" – I can only just play at my level of competition. That was one of those days I was playing at a high level. I'm just glad I got to showcase that with the team. That was really it.

Q. Did you land in bounds on that one?

MALIK NABERS: Of course. I'm always in bounds. (Laughter)

Q. I know you were a playmaker in college – does doing it in practice at that level, I know it's not a game yet, but do you walk off the field and say, I can do it here, too?

MALIK NABERS: That's how it's supposed to be. Every time I'm out there practicing, I'm trying to be better. The main focus is to get 1% better when I'm out there on the field; try to bring a level of energy to the team; be a great teammate and be that guy on the field that wants to practice and wants to play here.

Q. What's your message to Giants fans about what you will bring to this football team? What you bring to the equation?

MALIK NABERS: Just a humble kid, great athlete, great teammate, enthusiastic person.

That's really all.

Q. What about as far as your athletic abilities, on the football field, what do you feel your attributes are?

MALIK NABERS: Speed, tremendous catch radius, that's really it. I guess they'll have to see come game day.

Q. What does, "respect the past, create the future" mean...

MALIK NABERS: Respect the past, create the future? That's a tat that I got when I was a youngster. Just respect how I grew up, my past, but also create the future. Path my future to be what I want it to be.

Inside Linebacker Bobby Okereke

Q. How is the new defense?

BOBBY OKEREKE: It's good. It's fun.

Q. Why?

BOBBY OKEREKE: I get to play a little bit more coverage. The way (Defensive Coordinator) Shane (Bowen) calls it we're going to be multiple. We'll be able to combat the offensive strengths, so we we'll have a good mix of everything.

Q. Deonte (Banks) said last week it's a little less aggressive. How so?

BOBBY OKEREKE: Coming from Wink's (Martindale) system where we're blitzing 40-50% of time and playing zero coverage, a little less aggressive from that standpoint. From a run point we'll be aggressive, and obviously based on the down and distance situation, we'll play aggressive, too.

Q. How does it change your life with (Outside Linebacker Brian) Burns here?

BOBBY OKEREKE: Makes my job a lot easier. Quarterback has to get the ball out quicker.

Q. How good do you think this defense could be this year? I know it's very early, but what's your overall feeling?

BOBBY OKEREKE: It is early. I think we can be as good as we want to be. We have very talented pieces and we're just working every day to get better.

Q. (inaudible)

BOBBY OKEREKE: I like getting picks, like getting PBUs.

Q. You said the decision making in this defense has allowed to you play faster. What exactly do you mean by that's different than the last system?

BOBBY OKEREKE: Yeah, Wink kind of wanted you to play hard and fast. You know, just play physical, downhill, figure it out. Here it's a process of elimination. If this guy goes vertical, you check two; if two does this, you check three. You kind of put it in buckets, and that's the process of decision making I was talking about.

Q. When you came here last year, new team and a new defense. From the beginning you were like, okay, I've got to learn all this and the players. Now you know the players but it's another defense. Has it been more on you to learn all this? You kind of want continuity; you don't have that. Has it been a lot more you need to do off the field?

BOBBY OKEREKE: That's ideal. You're running the same system over and over you get the feel for it. Year one in a system you've always got to work the kinks out. There is new terminology.

I think I'm just adding tools to my tool belt. The Wink Martindale style of defense, I have that in my tool belt; the Eberflus style of defense, I have that in my tool belt; the Gus Bradley style of defense, I got that in me tool belt, and now I'm learning Shane's. I think it's just making me that much better of a football player.

Q. Those tool belts mean much? You can use some of that, but it's now Shane's defense.

BOBBY OKEREKE: Yeah, but there is -- like when we blitz, there will be a lot of teachings from Wink I'll take and carry over. When we play cover three, there will be a lot of stuff from Gus Bradley I'll take over, quarters with Flus. That's my skillset.

Q. Malik Nabers, what kind of impact do you think he can make as a rookie?

BOBBY OKEREKE: I think he can be very dynamic. He's been out there with the ones from day one, making big plays. I think he can be a very special player in this league.

Q. Because why?

BOBBY OKEREKE: He's athletic. You guys saw him on the podium. He has poise. Obviously a record holder at LSU. He's going to have a great career.

Q. What's the vibe out there for a camp like this right now?

BOBBY OKEREKE: Everyone is excited. I think you've seen the back and forth. Offense has made plays, defense has made plays. It will be very competitive.

Q. You've been in this league long enough where you get a feel for a team. Your timeline now that you've been in this league, when do you start getting a feel for how good a team can be?

BOBBY OKEREKE: Probably towards the end of training camp, once the pads come on and you start hitting. You go through some joint practices and see how guys compete, see what young guys can help you, how the leadership develops. We're still very early in that process.

Q. In your experience, have you been misled by opinions you've made too early about a team?

BOBBY OKEREKE: Yeah, I mean, there will always be adversity in the season. Guys will be hurt, there will be ups and downs, whatever. But, yeah, we just try to stay process oriented and focus one day at a time.

Q. What about the potential up front, being able to get to the quarterback? How do you see it?

BOBBY OKEREKE: I think it's a prolific front. You've got Dexter Lawrence, Brian Burns, Kayvon Thibodeaux. Dex is a Pro Bowler. Brian has been Pro Bowler. Kayvon is tracking towards that.

Those guys can be as good as they want to be.

Q. You were around obviously Daniel (Jones) last year and then he got hurt. He's limited but doing some stuff. What's your sense of him?

BOBBY OKEREKE: He looks good. He's a good leader, heck of an arm, he's a smart guy. Makes good decisions. I'm excited for him.

Q. Obviously he hasn't been in any team stuff. Is that another threshold for him and the defense also to kind of get him ready for a season?

BOBBY OKEREKE: For sure. Obviously, he's got to get healthy. We'll go into training camp and go day by day.

Tight End Daniel Bellinger

Q. Were you surprised at all by Darren or expect it or what?

DANIEL BELLINGER: I wasn't sure what he was going to do. Any time he was here, he was super focused and locked in it. I wasn't sure what he was going to do, but I was happy for him and happy that he was happy with his decision.

Q. What were you focusing on when you were waiting for him to make his decision?

DANIEL BELLINGER: Just focusing on what I need to do to get better. Of course, I stayed in touch with him to make sure he was good, and he stayed in touch with me to make sure I was good. Like I said, always a great teammate to me, so I just focused on stuff I needed to do, to work on.

Q. How do you look at the position now, given the fact you've drafted Theo Johnson and the tight end room overall?

DANIEL BELLINGER: Yeah, we still have a lot to do and grow from, but we're taking steps every day and getting better every day. You mentioned Theo. A great young kid is coming in and is going to help our team get better.

Q. They put a lot on your plate the first couple years have they told you they're going to streamline you moving forward, or are they going to continue to ask you to do all the things they've asked you to do?

DANIEL BELLINGER: Ask me to do the same stuff. Whatever they need me to do, I'm going to do.

Q. Does it change?

DANIEL BELLINGER: That's probably a question for them. I'm just going to do anything they want me to do. They want me to stick my head in the dirt, go out, and catch a pass; I'm going to do what they need me to do.

Q. Last year when you came in everybody said you bulked up. This year what do you do to get...

DANIEL BELLINGER: This year I've been focusing on route running stuff more. Of course, I needed to step up in every area of my game. I've been focusing on the pass side of the game, taking strides that way, and taking steps in the run game.

Q. When you broke down your season individually last year and went into the off-season, did you have a checklist of things that you felt like you needed to work on differently than maybe what you did year one and year two?

DANIEL BELLINGER: Yeah, I think getting on the same page with the quarterback. With the adversity we faced last year, it was a mix of stuff that I needed to be, I guess, more locked in on where guys were at and communicating with whoever was coming in. Whether it was a new right tackle, new left tackle, staying on top of that. I'm just taking steps in my game, like I said. Taking steps forward in the passing game and the run game.

Q. On how the adversity of last impacted the tight end position.

DANIEL BELLINGER: Like you said, you can't make any excuses when it comes to that. Everybody faces it, every team. It is a step; it is a process. It came down to myself being able to communicate more and being more in tune with my guys, and being able to lock into what we need to do and how we need to do it, no matter who is in. But being on the same page.

Q. Darren was brought in to be a weapon, a main target in the passing game. Whatever happened last year with his injuries, and the whole passing game is what happened last year. Do you feel like you can be a bigger part of that? Is that something -- you've shown that at times. Do you feel there is more there for you?

DANIEL BELLINGER: Yeah, I'm ready to take a step. I am ready to take a step and do whatever they need me to do and do it better. Anything they want me to do, I want to take a step and get better and make sure they build that trust and confidence we have been doing the last couple of years, but take another step in that, take another step in growing.

Q. You've seen what tight ends can do in this league. Do you think this team, with you, can be that, can be a dynamic, have all the weapons, but then you can be a dynamic pass catching...

DANIEL BELLINGER: Absolutely. We have a very competitive tight end room. As a whole tight end room, including myself. I think we can take that step and be competitive with any tight end room in the league.

Q. What's holding you back physically now?

DANIEL BELLINGER: Nothing physically. Just staying locked in mentally and watching Theo and Cage grow.

Q. You mean you're just getting rest?

DANIEL BELLINGER: I wouldn't say rest. Just kind of like letting Theo grow and getting more mental growth to Theo and Cage and everybody to take a step as a whole tight end room instead of just myself taking all the reps.

Q. What did you observe last summer about Darren, and what enabled him to be such a weapon last summer?

DANIEL BELLINGER: Well, I mean, he's just an athletic guy, super athletic freak, that no matter what age he's going to be, he will be that guy.

Like I said, we took from him his being a great teammate and how he approached the game. That's what we took as a tight-end room, especially me. We took away from him how he did things off the field and focused and how he learned and saw football.

Q. Can guys like Malik help you guys?

DANIEL BELLINGER: Yeah, Malik is a great player. See him making a lot of plays out here. He's a great player and athlete and will be a huge, huge help for our team.

Q. Do you think the corps overall can be productive in your line?

DANIEL BELLINGER: Absolutely. We still have a lot to do, but we are taking the right steps and making the right progress to grow, and I think we'll be there.

View the best photos as the Giants take the field for minicamp at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center.


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