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Quotes: Gameday (8/3) Manning, Rolle, Jennings

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Tom CoughlinA: I don't think anybody can have a question, can you?
Q: First preseason game…

A: Hanlon's saying let's go out…

Q: What do you make of Andre Williams'…?
A: I thought he played well. That was encouraging.

Q: How important is that given David Wilson's injury?
A: David Wilson's injury, not withstanding, that's very important to us no matter what. You need a natural rotation. Hopefully we'll get it.

Q: Obviously it's an early work in progress but did you see anything out of the first team offense as far as picking up the new scheme and the new tempo?
A: I thought eventually we got to where we ran the ball pretty well. That might not have been their ones in there but still we did have some consistency with runs there. I think that's probably the first thing I saw.


Q: Do you like what you saw from Ryan Nassib?**
A: I did. We need to get better and have some more but yeah. The play there at the end was nice, to be able to make a big play. You always like in the first preseason game to throw it down the field and run the ball. That was a good thing.

Q: What did Rashad Jennings show you tonight?
A: He's a tough guy. Tough kid, good pass protector, catches the ball out of the backfield. All of the things that we thought.

Q: How much do you have to be patient with the offense knowing that it might take time? It took a little while for the guys to get going.
A: It's the first game. It's the first game. I'm glad we got the short snap tonight. We got the center-quarterback exchange so that was a plus.

Q: The completion percentage from the quarterbacks was high. That's the first staple I guess.
A: What's high? Well, we didn't throw it many times. We did utilize some of the underneath stuff, which was good. That's all what you're trying to accomplish so as we get a little bit better with out pass protection the ball will end up going down the field a little bit more.

Q: Health-wise Fells with the knee, anything else?
A: I don't know anything more.

Q: Eli's fumble on the sack…?
A: I wish he had it put away. I don't know if he was surprised, I'd have to wait and see the tape. You know, you don't want it to be turned over any time. But it happened. We've got to move on from that.

Q: Given the fact that you didn't have a lot of practice time and you still ran the no-huddle pretty efficiently, at least early. Were you encouraged by what you saw with the fast tempo?
A: I'm encouraged period. We had about what the league gives you practice-wise. Maybe shy one practice of what we could have had. We did a pretty good job even right away in the spring with that offense to be honest with you.

Q: What about Nassib, the way he handled himself out there?
A: That's why were playing him a lot, because he's a very serious young man who is a talented kid that needs to play. He didn't get to play last year at all so he needs some time. As he does he'll grow; he'll get better.

Q: The whole weekend, just to see Michael go in yesterday and then obviously you guys had a little moment with him before the game today. Just summarize the whole weekend for me.
A: We were so proud of Michael Strahan, so excited to come out here and be a part of this ceremony. To be there last night was really a tremendous thing because here's a guy that waits until 11 o'clock to speak and yet still is really terrific with a mic in his hand. I just couldn't be prouder of him, the things that he's accomplished both on the football field and post-football. We gave him a little, we tried to surprise him tonight. I told the players, 'When he walks out there we'll run out there and just give him a pat on the back and then get back in line so we don't get fined or taken out of here.' It's been a really good experience. The fifth game, I look at it in a very positive way. Hopefully we're going to get a lot out of it. I know we'll get more practices, which is what we're after in the first place. I feel bad about Fells getting hurt, don't know the extent of it yet but hopefully that's it.

Q: …how the preparation process might be different with a new offense and a new coordinator. Did it feel different for you and if so…?
A: Not to me. It's still, you're grinding away every second. Open the scope up as wide as we can do it and then we… so there's a lot thrown at them.

QB Eli ManningQ:How was the communication from the sideline and all of that in the first game? **

A:I thought all of that went well. I thought that the plays were coming in, I thought that we did a good job at the line of scrimmage making checks and making calls and getting to the right plays. Everybody was on the same page so I thought that all of those things went well. We've got to get better in some areas and improvements but watching the first game film will be great to study and to learn from and make corrections. It's always at a different speed, a different pace when you get into a real game rather than practice, what we've been doing these past few weeks. Q:I would imagine you were thankful to get that third series, to leave on a good note.

A:Yeah, I think it was big for out offense to get something going, get a few first downs, get in a good rhythm, get some completions and get that scoring drive was good. I'm glad we had that one last opportunity to get something going there. Q:How much more comfortable did you feel as you went along? After the first or second drives did it maybe come a little easier?

A:I thought I had a good feel for what was going on. I think, for the quarterback, you just have to get comfortable back in the pocket and knowing that hey, it's a real rush and you've got real movement and these guys are going to hit you. You have a lot of practice between OTAs and minicamps and training camp where you don't get hit and it's not as live as it may be for the other guys. Just getting used to moving in the pocket, finding lanes, buying time and trying to make smart decisions. Q:What did the running game show you on that third drive specifically?

A:I thought we ran the ball really well on that drive. Had a couple big runs, we got outside the box and Andre had some nice runs so it was good. It was good to get the running game going and get that offensive line firing off. That always helps out the whole offense. Q:What could you have done on the fumble?

A:I probably had… probably bad pocket movement; I should have more stepped up into the pocket rather than spin out. Those are things you just have to get back comfortable doing and just also protect the ball. I thought I had a pretty good grip on it but the guy just… I guess I have to make sure I have two hands on it and make sure that I can't fumble in that situation and give them good field position. Q:You did that later in the next series, stepped up in the pocket and hit Jernigan.

A:Yeah, I stepped up so yeah, probably what I should have done the first time and I don't know if I would have been able to make something happen but it would have been a better decision than what I did. That's something that you just have to try to, these preseason games that's where it's important for the quarterback, just getting pocket awareness because it's hard to simulate it in practice because it's just a different feeling. Q:How much of a benefit is it having a guy like Rashad who can catch passes out of the backfield?

A:Yeah, I think that will help out our offense. I hit him on a couple passes today, I hit him on a screen. He catches the ball very naturally out of the backfield so that will be a big part, or a part of our offense where we get him in good matchups and have him wins one one-on-one battles. Q:Just the whole weekend experience out here, yesterday watching Michael go in and then you guys had a moment with him before the game.

A:Yeah, it's been a fun weekend. It really hit me this past week how special it is to have a teammate go into the football Hall of Fame. That's not something that happens very often so I'm very excited for Michael. He was a great teammate and a great friend of mine when we had those four years of playing together. He's still a good friend and I'm happy to kind of go through this with him a little bit. To see him out today and have him break down the team one last time and give us his traditional move with the stomp, that was fun. I know a lot of guys haven't gotten the opportunity to witness that. Only me and DeOssie and Mathias are the only guys on this team that had ever seen that in person. I'm glad he got to do it one last time and also to let some of these new teammates get to hear him talk and do his thing. Q:What did it mean to you that he made you such a big part of his speech?

A:That was special. I didn't expect that. It was special that he mentioned me and talked about me and made a point. I think that's the neat thing about winning championships with these guys, you have a special bond forever. It's not just me and Michael Strahan; it's me and all of those guys that were a part of those teams and those championships. It is a special bond and a special memory that you always have with each other.


RB Rashad Jennings **On tonight's game…
"We didn't start as fast as we needed to, we know that. There are things that we need to correct, we know that. I'm happy to see that we're going to be a physical team. We're going to continue to work out the details – communicate – making sure we all see the same things. I have a lot of work to do as a running back… I'm excited to come out here and compete with my team and we are going to continue to grow."

LB Jameel McClain
On Hall of Fame Weekend…
"It's a great experience for everyone to be in the presence of greatness and to also be able to acknowledge one of the great Giants to play this game. The way he played, it was the way he passionately wanted to represent everything that he stood for."

On the defense's performance…
"I'm always the toughest critic, but I feel the defense came out and did some good things. When we look at [the film], we'll see that there are things we need to improve. When you want to be great, you always have to look for the small things and that's the goal of Perry [Fewell] and the entire defense."

S Antrel Rolle
"This weekend has been a fun journey. We've been fortunate as a team and as an organization to witness one of own get inducted into the Hall of Fame. We're fortunate to play in this Hall of Fame Game and to kick off the NFL season. The experience has been awesome."

On the defense's performances
"So far, the D is looking pretty solid. Obviously, there are a lot of things we need to work on. This is our first time having full contact, so we're a little bit rusty and that's expected. We expect things to pick up as time goes on."

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