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Quotes: Gilbride, Fewell - 12/27

COACH TOM COUGHLINQ: How is Ahmad Bradshaw?A: He practiced.Q: Rare Thursday practice for him?A: Yeah.
Q: Prince Amukamara? Snee?A: No. (Chris) Snee did. Good to have him out there.

OC KEVIN GILBRIDEQ: Since you've seen them last, looking at what they do on defense and how they scheme their personnel, what's different about Philly?A: As you say, they have changed some. Most notable, they've received a lot of attention with those wide-nine ends and they've moved them inside. The last four games, they've been less likely to blitz. What they've done, they really relied heavily on their front four to generate power and put some pass-rush and they've been very effective doing that. I think they've shied away from that, in terms of what they do coverage wise, that's pretty much stayed the same. The way they handle certain formations, that's pretty much been the same. You would have thought that because Todd Bowles was their secondary coach. So, he had a lot of influence on what they've been doing coverage wise already. I would say, generally, just the tightening of the defensive ends. The fact that they've probably reduced the amount of pressure that they've needed to use, because they've been getting after people pretty well with the front four.

Q: Anything you could put your finger as to what's been happening the last two weeks offensively?A: If I could, I would've solved it and put it on it a long time ago. I think some of the things you just… We're just not making plays that we've had some opportunities to make, and they're there to be had. Whether it's a misfire of a throw, or pressure on the quarterback, you got two big plays last week. It was 17-7, we're driving down again, and we get a holding on a bob that was a nice first down that was a big gain. Then, the one to Domenik that gets called for offensive (pass) interference, so it's been one thing after another. It's just, there's no consistency. We've got a drive going last week, we put it in the end zone, we drove down to score. But, there are too many threes and outs, and there are too many failed opportunities to get the drive going, get the momentum started.

Q: How do you sum up the confidence in them this week?A: I hope it's good. You never know what's pretense, or what's superficial. What's beneath the surface, I would hope that we've been good for long enough that there will be determination, a reserve of confidence, and there's a determination to come back and finish the season off the right way. You never know until the game starts.

Q: Coach Coughlin was pretty happy with the way the special teams unit played last week and singled you guys out as the only group that played well:A: Kickoff return, we left some yardage out there, which we needed against a really good coverage team. That was a little disappointing. We missed a couple reads and didn't finish off some blocks. I thought punt competed; punt return, I'm not happy with that. (Domenik) Hixon had a couple opportunities…he had one 10-yard return, the other one was only two. That affected us.

Q: You guys changed the kick return and had Ryan Torrain back there with David Wilson?A: If he's active, we want to be able to use the best guys for the job. We also had Jernigan for return, so he could take those reps if David needed a blow.

Q: With what Lawrence Tynes has done this year, how would you assess his performance?A: It was consistent earlier in the year and then we kind of ran into a patch in the law few games. You have to make those kicks. Those are all makeable kicks, so I'm sure he'd want those back. Hopefully he gets hot here in the last game and finishes it off. We'll see what happens. Obviously you always want to take away that little rough spot to really feel good about it. He was very consistent and the snapper and holder helped him by being consistent. He's made progress.

Q: What's your take on which team is going to show up?
A: We can't worry about anybody else but us. All we can do is worry about the Philadelphia Eagles and what we're going to do and how we're going to execute.

Q: Are you convinced there will be some passion and playing with pride?
A: Definitely. This team has been in this predicament before and we just don't want to end this season on a bad note. So our plan is to come out hard and play our hardest.

Q: What's the state of the team's confidence now and how do you summon that up?
A: We're gaining it as the week goes and that's what we're practicing.

KIWANUKA: We won a Super Bowl in this system. I think that's the main thing. We have the same signal caller that we did last year. So for us when things are out of your control, there's no sense in worrying about that while you're still going through the thick of it.

Q: What did you learn from the season following the first Super Bowl victory?A: That it doesn't matter what you did last year. When you cross those lines, nobody cares and they shouldn't. You hoist that trophy for a couple of seconds and then you've got to be able to put it behind you and move on because this business is 'what have you done for me today?' It's not even lately anymore. What I take from it is that we have to work on our craft every single day and we're not going to be given anything and when you do have that most recent trophy you have a big target on your back so you've got to play for everybody's best shot.

Q: You guys have won two Super Bowls in five seasons, but there are also those teams that get to the playoffs several years in a row.A: I'd rather have the rings to show for, to be honest with you. That does not mean that we don't want to make a run in the playoffs. I mean that's the objective right now and then when you make that step, it's all about one game at a time. But if I had to choose between being consistent and making runs and having rings, I think those seasons are special and we're in the middle of a situation now where we have the ability or you have the chance or opportunity at least to create another really special season and so I think that's the positive thing.

Q: The defense is ranked 30th in the league. Does that blow you away?
A: Yeah. That's a fall from grace. It's tough to realize that's the position that we're in, that's the quality of work that we put together. But the facts are the facts. That's what it is. It's disappointing. I'm sure that every guy on the defense in this locker room would say that. So for whatever reason we didn't put our best effort on a consistent basis throughout the season, but with every game there is an opportunity to turn that around.

Q: Is it hard to watch the film and see all these talented players and many of the same pieces from the Super Bowl and field a different product?A: It's definitely frustrating to know what we're capable of doing and not being able to perform at that level. It's frustrating. You don't really have a whole lot of answers for it. It's just foolish

Q: How rough is it not knowing that you might not even play this Sunday?A: It's tough. You're a competitor and you're working hard. It's not just for you, but it's for the guys in this locker room as well, the guys on the defense, the defensive line and it's almost like if you don't have an opportunity to be able to go out there… I don't want to let my guys down, especially with the importance of this football game for us still having an opportunity to be in the postseason albeit a lot of circumstances have to fall in the right place, but there's still an opportunity. I'm fighting hard and I'm in here getting treatment just to make sure that I give myself the absolute best chance to be out there on that field on Sunday.

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