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Quotes: Players prepare for 2013 season

WR Hakeem Nicks

Q: How is the knee and foot feeling?
A: My body is feeling good. I still have a lot of time to still monitor and take care of it, so that's what I'm doing now getting back in the groove of things.

TE Brandon Myers

Q: How is your first week at the facility?
A: It's been great getting to know some of the guys and some of the people around the facility. It's been good.

CB Aaron Ross

Q: Does it seem like you never left?
A: It seems like I never left. The guys are treating me just like I never left. Everything just seems great. My jersey is still the same one that I had. Everything is great.

G Chris Snee

Q: How are you?
A: I'm good. I've been working out. I can't do everything, but I'm doing enough where I'm sweating and just being in there with the guys is a good feeling and it all points to one goal. It's exciting. The first day is like the first day of school. Everyone is excited to be here and we all have the same goal in mind.
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Q: What has impressed you so far about your new teammates?
A: I've just seen the work ethic so far and seeing how everybody approaches things, especially with the guys. The attendance is pretty high. Everybody is here and working hard and you see them pushing each other working together as a group and it's pretty impressive.


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