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Rookie Q&A: TE Adrien Robinson


Today, get to know fourth-round draft choice TE Adrien Robinson better in this exclusive Q&A.

Q: Martellus Bennett is second on the team in catches. What have you learned from him as a tight end?
ROBINSON: He's been in the league, this is his fifth year, so he helps me out a lot. Him and Bear [Pascoe] and Travis [Beckum], all those guys help me out. [Martellus] is always saying something funny, but he's just teaching me how to learn my craft at this level.

Q: What did you know about Tom Coughlin before you were drafted?
ROBINSON: I knew he was good coach, but I thought he'd be pretty strict and have a lot of rules and not let guys get away with anything. It's kind of how it is, but it's not as bad as I thought. I was thinking it was going to be military boot camp because he's so much older. That's what I was kind of expecting, but it's not really like that.

Q: What's the hardest drill in practice?
A: I would say some of the special teams drills only because when we do special teams, it's a short period. So we have to do all of them back to back and you get kind of gassed. But they're not too bad, it just gets you in shape, too. But I would say some of the special teams drills.

Q: As a rookie, what do you think of when you walk by the four Lombardi Trophies at the facility?
ROBINSON: I think I'm lucky to be here, like it's a blessing. I always thought that I could make it to the NFL, but to make it to this team, this organization, is just amazing. So that's kind of what I think – I'm just glad to be here.

Q: Any superstitions?
ROBINSON: Nope, no.

Q: What has been the biggest adjustment to the NFL that you didn't expect?
ROBINSON: I didn't expect it to be as mental as it is. I was kind of thinking I could still just come out there and play, kind of like college. But it's a lot more mental, a lot more things to the game. There's a lot more to football than I thought, than I knew before. So I'd say that.

Stay tuned to as tomorrow we talk with the Giants' second-round draft choice WR Rueben Randle.


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