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Rookie Q&A: WR Rueben Randle

Today, get to know second-round draft choice WR Rueben Randle better in this exclusive Q&A.

Q: You passed the midway point of your rookie season. What have you learned about making it in the NFL so far?
RANDLE: Adjustment-wise, just how complex things were, especially in this offense. I was used to a lot of simplified things [in college], just having a little route and maybe convert it to something else. But here you have three or four routes on one play. So I'm just adjusting to that, getting my mind focused on a lot of different things.

Q: Who is someone not on this team that you'd like to model your game after?
RANDLE: I guess I'd say presently, somebody like Calvin Johnson

Q: Why?
RANDLE: He's a big bodied receiver that goes up and makes plays in double coverage and things like that. Just try to be dependable like him, have trust in his quarterback and just throw it up there and make a play.

Q: There are a lot of motivational signs around the practice facility. Do any stick out to you?
RANDLE: I can't think of the quote exactly, but coach always says something like, 'If you continue to run in place, someone eventually passes you.' So that kind of stuck with me a lot. If you keep doing the same thing over and over, someone is going to eventually pass you up. So you have to continue to push forward and get better.

Q: Have you seen last year's Super Bowl ring?

Q: Whose?
RANDLE: I actually saw Web's [Corey Webster, a fellow LSU product]. He showed it to me.

Q: Who's the most athletic opposing player you've seen in the NFL so far?
RANDLE: Probably I'd have to go with RGIII [Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III]. He pretty much can put on a show and covert on third and fourth downs. That was pretty impressive to see him.

Q: What do you miss about college?
RANDLE: Just the atmosphere around there was great. It's a great fan base. I had great teammates. It was fun just going out there playing on Saturdays.

Q: What don't you miss?
RANDLE: What I don't miss is those long three- or four-hour practices.


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