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From Run-DMC to Bill Parcells, the inspiration behind Carl Banks' Legacy Collection

Carl Banks and Pepper Johnson walk into a club in New York.

DMC spots them and screams their names while pointing to what he's wearing. And what does the rapper have on? The iconic red Starter jacket with GIANTS stitched across the chest in blue.

"It was the runway," Banks said on NFL Network's Good Morning Football. "It was the NFL's runway. It redefined how fans looked at the sport because they tuned in every week to see what Starter was putting on each team's sideline, and it was different."

Through a retail collaboration with Banks and Starter, the Giants are bringing back four classic items this fall to coincide with the return of the classic blue uniforms, which they launched this week. The Legacy Collection will include four classic items: the jacket, the coaches' windbreaker, the t-shirt that players wore in post-game press conferences and, last but certainly not least, the navy sweater worn by Bill Parcells when he was being carried off the field by Banks and Lawrence Taylor after winning Super Bowl XXV.

"That [era] was the beginning of what is termed 'Giants Football' as fans had come to expect because the 80s and 90s had a formative effect on how fans viewed their team," Banks said. "It was championships and a certain level of play. So, that became what people expected of Giants football, and we did that wearing those uniforms and that helmet."

Banks, who matched his legendary playing career with a major presence in the retail arena, knew it was only a matter of time before the Giants brought back the classic look.

"I think it had to happen because the fans wanted to see it," said Banks, who is also an analyst on the Giants' broadcast team. "Again, it's that emotional connection they have with this uniform, this era of Giants football."

Also, as Banks revealed, the Giants weren't just making fashion statements in the era of Run-DMC.

"The reason this red jacket existed is because during two-minute drills, [you're] trying to find the signal-caller," Banks said. "So when you look at old Giants film, you'll see a different color jacket. Back then we didn't have wristbands, so it was find the coach, if there's chaos, find the coach in the red jacket. When you look at TV, you'll see the guy who normally wears it."

Once again, the New York Giants are bringing back their classic blue uniforms from the '80s and '90s this Sunday as part of two Legacy Games presented by Quest.


First Legacy Game this Sunday; Giants bring back classic blue uniform