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S Antrel Rolle


Q: How do you prepare for two different quarterbacks?

A: I'm not sure yet. We haven't gone over the defensive game plan yet. We're just going to prepare the same way we prepare for any other team. We are going to prepare for their scheme and tendencies and things they like to do and take it from there.

Q: Preparing for Vick is different than preparing for any other quarterback.

A: It's about adjustments. We make adjustments each and every down in this league and it's not going to be anything that's out of the ordinary.

Q: How much do the headlines and the talking add to the spice of this rivalry?

A: The game's played on the field. It's not played with words. It's not played in the media. The game's played on the field. That's something that we have to make our focus point and understand. We are always looking for a great matchup. It's always been an exciting game because it's always been down to the last minute. That's the only thing I'm looking forward to come this weekend.

Q: How much do you want to see Vick out there?

A: I want to see Vick. I think he's the best player at that position [for the Eagles]. He's the best player to give them an opportunity to play their best ball. I'm the type of guy, I like going against the best. If I don't go against the best, a win's a win, we'll always take a win, but it's always win when they have their better guys on the field.

Q: How much does last year's loss stick with you guys?

A: It is what it is. It took place last year. It's not something that we might ever forget, but at the same time, it's a new year.

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