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S Antrel Rolle says the Giants are working hard


Q: How excited are you about this game?

A: Very excited. We have a lot riding on this. We have everything riding on this. Giants versus Cowboys – great matchup. I'm expecting a great game. May the best man win.

Q: Do you expect a different game from the high scoring game of Week 14?

A: I really don't know what to expect. I just expect us to go out there and put our best foot forward and go out there and play Giants football the way we know how.

Q: You talked a lot last week about setting the tone in practice. Did you set the tone for Dallas in practice today?

A: I'm not here to give a daily report of how practice goes. That's up to coach. I'll let coach tell you all about that. But we're working. That's the best thing I can give you. We're working. We're working hard. We have our eyes on the prize.

Q: What did it mean to see Osi out there?

A: All on deck. We're all fighting. We're all trying to get better. It means everything to have Osi out there. I know he's probably not 100 percent, but he's fighting. He's fighting. He's fighting for himself. He's fighting for this team. He's fighting for what we have at stake.

Q: The Cowboys hit a lot of big plays in the game a month ago. How confident are you that you've cleaned all that up?

A: Key word is a month ago. That doesn't mean anything about what's going to take place on Sunday. We're a better team. We're a more confident team. And we're a more focused team.

Q: Are both teams much different now than a month ago?

A: It's all about being consistent. I think we understand that everything is on the line. We work extremely hard. We've been working extremely hard in practice. Guys have been communicating a whole lot better. There haven't been any coverage busts. Guys have been flying around, which is the most exciting part about practice. We're flying around. We're making practice electrifying. We'll see if we can put our stamp on it come Sunday.

Q: How important can the crowd be in this type of game?

A: It can be very important to have the crowd on our side, but at the same time we have to give them something to cheer about. We have to give them something that's going to uplift their spirits as well as uplift our own.

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