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S Antrel Rolle Transcript


Q: Who do you think has an advantage because of the lack of an offseason, offenses or defenses?A: I think we will both be on the same page right now. It is going to be a learning process both offensively and defensively. Right now we have to move at a pretty rapid pace and that is going to be a lot tougher for the younger guys as opposed to the veterans but that is what we are here for. We are here to help them out and help ourselves out. We are a unit.

Q: Are you anxious to get CB Prince Amukamara into camp?A: Absolutely. I have seen some of Prince's film and he is a great player and I'm pretty sure he is a great person. You want to have everyone here but at the same time it is a professional business. He has to make sure that he takes care of himself on his end also.

Q: Did you work out in Miami with Plaxico Burress?A: I wasn't where he was. He was at Perfect Competition and I was in Miami.

Q: What do you think about Plaxico Burress?A: I really haven't heard much about the meeting but in my personal opinion, I would love to have him as a teammate. I played against him several times and he hurt us several occasions but to be on the same team with him would be great. I would be excited to have him here.

Q: Are the players talking about Plaxico Burress in the locker room?A: Guys talk about it. We know that he will definitely be an asset to this unit. You can't help but notice his physical attributes to the game. I'm pretty sure he has been through what he has been through and is going to come here and be a leader. He is going to be an outstanding player for us and most of all, he is going to be Plax (Plaxico Burress).

Q: Will you be playing in a different role since S Deon Grant is no longer with the team?A: I'm not sure yet. That goes a lot with game planning. Deon (Grant) was a very key asset to our defense last year and if he is not here, I'm not sure if they are going to have someone step into his role or go into the more traditional safety look. I'm not sure yet.

Q: What would you prefer?A: It doesn't matter to me. As long as I'm coached up and my assignments are put out for me, I will play wherever they need me to play.

Q: Does it scare you to go on the field without being able to practice this whole offseason?A: When you are a ballplayer, you are a ballplayer. I feel you can miss a lot and still come back. You may not be where you need to be but it won't take so long to get back to that grinding stage. We are all professionals and I'm sure everyone took care of their bodies during the offseason to make sure they got in the best shape possible but like Ray Lewis said, the only thing that can get you in football shape is football. Right now is just the mental aspect that we have to get back to.

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