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S Deon Grant


S Deon Grant

September 7, 2011


Re: Injuries.

A: That's the league. [Coach Coughlin] mentioned it. This is adversity. This is the NFL. Dealing with what we're dealing with, I don't think it's happened like that in a long time. I know I can't remember my whole career, but that's adversity. You see what Green Bay went through last year. The next guy has to make sure he picks it up.


Q: Green Bay got into the regular season before they started falling.

A: That's really a gift because in the regular season, when things are going and you have to plug in, that's when it's more difficult. When it's before the season starts, you know exactly what you're going to war with. It kind of helps us that it happened before the season started.


Q: In a season where you lost the offseason, does that make it even more worrisome when Greg Jones has to step in?

A: No. Worrisome better not come out of nobody's mouth in this locker room. We're not worried about nothing. The only thing we should be worried about is what we have to do to the next team we play. But as far as being worried about a guy on the football field with us, our confidence level better be very high and when it comes to believing in whatever guy's lined up in front of us, behind us, beside us.


Q: You believe Greg Jones is the guy?

A: Talk to him about the conversations him and I have been having since I've been here. I like him a lot. When I first came in and saw what he was doing in training camp, I'm like who is this guy? And then I found out exactly who it was, I remembered exactly what he did in college. The guy was a two or three-time All American. You don't make that by going out and making a few plays. That means you were out there playing some ball. I have a lot of confidence in him. He's very smart and very physical.


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