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S Deon Grant


Q: Is game two important after the first game?

A: It is an important game even if we went 1-0 the first game. It is the second game and we have a 16-game season. Our main thing is winning our division but we have to make every game count. The first one counts so we definitely have to make the second one count. 

Q: Are you excited about the home opener?

A: Definitely and it is a Monday night on the big stage that we can come back and play for our fans. We let them down the last week so we have an opportunity to come and build it back up and give them something to cheer for.Q: How impressive is Bradford?

A: I like him a lot. He gets rid of the ball fast and he is very accurate when it comes to knowing when he wants to throw the ball and get it to the receivers. I like him a lot.    Q: How do you feel about the fans panicking?

A: They were panicking before the season. They looked at all the moves Philly did and the Jets bringing most of their team back knowing we share the stadium with the Jets and all the other moves teams made like Chicago and they see we didn't make any moves like that. They started panicking before the season even started but it is up to us to change the feelings they have.  

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