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Safety Antrel Rolle

Q: So what do you think?

A: What is there not to think? I mean, here, for the first training camp with the Giants, so far so good. Everyone is looking good. You can tell that a lot of guys have been working extremely hard during our down time and I'm just ready to get things rolling.

Q: You're one of the many new pieces on this defense, what will you see over these next few weeks that you will make you know that this is working and this is clicking?

A: It's going to take a lot, it's going to take a lot of work from the coaching staff as well as the players. This right now is just a jetting period, for everyone to get on the same page at the same time. And this is the time to make mistakes, if you're going to make mistakes, now is the time to make mistakes. That way once the season comes, we have everything pretty much ready to go.

Q: What's Coach Fewell like?

A: He's my kind of guy. He's the guy who wants the ball first, he wants to create turnovers and hopefully, you know, myself along the others will be the ones to bring him the ball.

Q: Talk about the depth in the secondary.

A: There's a lot of depth. Like I said, I think we have easily fifteen or sixteen starters on our defense. Anyone could play at any given point in time. I don't feel like there should be a letdown no matter who is in the game and we have to push each other and that's what we're out here doing right now. You know, we're all out here – it's a new system for everyone – so we're all out here making sure that everyone is on the same page at the same time and get everyone better each and every day.

Q: You've been in the league a few years now, what's your first order of business when you arrive at training camp?

A: First and foremost, make sure that my off-season training went well, make sure that I am well conditioned, in shape to push to my maximum ability as much as I can. Second, just to get into the playbook. This is a game of intellect – about 90% mental and 10% physical – you can go out there and be the best guy, the most athletic guy, but if it's not right upstairs, then that's where the mistakes come. You have to make sure that you're ahead of the game.

Q: I know you were looking forward to working with Kenny Phillips right off the bat here. He's not ready to go. Are you disappointed?

A: Not at all. I'll be the first one to say that I told Kenny to take his time because the last thing you want is a recurring injury or pushing it too fast and now it's going to prolong the process so I say make sure you're 150% by the time you come back. As long as it takes is as long as it takes. We don't need to make the beginning of the season. The season doesn't really start until late-October anyway.

Q: Did he listen to your advice?

A: Yeah, I think so. Kenny [Phillips, S] is a very intellectual guy. I think he understands his body, he knows where he needs to be, and I think that right now at this point he's taking it at a moderate rate, which he should be. He's still pushing. He's working extremely hard. He has conditioning and treatment each and every day, which I know he's been a part of, I've been checking up on him. I'm excited to get him back out there.

Q: Usually when a new guy comes in, you have a veteran to lean on. You and Deon [Grant, S] are both new guys, which is pretty unusual. How is that dynamic going?

A: It's going great. Deon and myself, we've clicked the first day since we've been here. He's a veteran, he's an extreme veteran, it being his eleventh season, and I followed his footsteps a lot. I've watched him play for many, many years and right now we're pushing each other, we're making each other better. We're communicating. Our communication level is off the roof and right now so far, so good, and I expect it to get better.

Q: If he's an extreme veteran, what are you?

A: I still consider myself young. This is year six for me and I think the best years have yet to come.

Q: What'd you think of the Keith Bulluck signing?

A: It was great. I met with Keith a few times this offseason, just being around and about out in New York, and he kept telling me, "Antrel, put in a word with the coach for me." I put in the word and I met up with him today and I said, "I guess we talked that up pretty good!" It's a great sign and Keith Bulluck, his resume speaks for itself, and I'm extremely proud to have him.

Q: Can you be a leader on this team or does that have to develop with a new guy?

A: I don't think that's something you can pinpoint. I think leaders, you lead by example, and I've never had any problem doing that in the past and I think I'm going to keep on, keeping that going for as long as I can.

Q: Does there seem to be a lot of eagerness in the atmosphere on your first day of camp to erase last season and start fresh now?

A: I'm extremely excited. I'm extremely excited about having a fresh start and a brand new season so right now, just going out there with the guys and gelling. That's first and foremost. We've got twenty days out here. Time is not going to go fast by any means, so just take your time, go through the motions, but make sure it's progress.

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