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Safety Antrel Rolle Interview


Q: Did you think the season would end like this?A: I don't have a crystal ball but I do know the caliber of guys that we have in this unit and the hard work that we put into this. Things may not always go into our favor but it is not how you start, it is how you finish. We have had two outstanding last games, playoff intending games for us and we are making a run towards it.

Q: Do you feel like this team is battle tested?A: Absolutely, I feel like we have played the best of the best opponents throughout this season. We haven't always played up to our standards in most of those games and we had a lot of ups and downs. We haven't played consistently under any circumstances but the record is 0-0-0 at this point. I think right now, coming off the Jets win and this win, I think we have an identity. I think we all know that we are all on one accord and if we play and focus on what we need to do at hand, the sky is the limit for us. Every game is not going to be a blow out, when you go out there and put a full 60 minutes together and come out on top, that is all you can ask for. 

Q: How does it feel to see this team play up to its standards?A: It feels great, it all comes from having everybody all in and us being all on deck. The games are won throughout the week in practice and we just go out there on Sunday and put a stamp on it.

Q: What is the team's identity?A: To go out there and play a full 60 minutes and when I say an identity, I am really speaking for the defense. I think offensively, they have been pretty much holding us down and playing pretty consistent. As far as the defense, we really didn't know what our identity was and now I think we have the best of the best guys on the field. We are intact and no matter what, we are playing for each other. There is no selfish ball out there, everyone is taking care of their assignments and their own job. Whomever eats at the end of the day is going to eat and as long as we are victorious at the end of the day, that is all that matters. 

Q: Does it give you added confidence to know that you took the two best teams in the conference down to the wire?A: Those games don't mean anything at the moment. Every week presents a different challenge and we are not really focusing on that right now, we are really focusing on the Atlanta Falcons, a great organization and an outstanding football team. We are looking forward to the matchup.  

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