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Safety Antrel Rolle on Cowboys' Romo


Around the NFL, there are many opinions of Tony Romo. Usually strong ones, too.

It comes with the territory of being a professional quarterback. Antrel Rolle is no different. He has his own thoughts on the matter, and he's the one who will be lining up against him on Sunday when the Giants take on the Cowboys.

"He's an excellent quarterback in my eyes," Rolle said. "I don't think he gets the credit he deserves. When I watch film on him each and every night, some of the throws he makes, it still stuns me. He is very, very accurate. He has a very quick release. And more importantly, he has dangerous guys he can get the ball to."

The last impression Romo left on Rolle and the Giants was in early September, a 22-of-29 performance for 307 yards and three touchdowns. Although he also tossed an interception in the game, Romo and the Cowboys dealt the defending champions their first loss since December.

Since then, Romo's season has been an anomaly. Maintaining a 67.9 completion percentage, he has thrown eight interceptions since the opener (including five in Week 4 against Chicago), compared to just five touchdowns. The Giants will try to force more of those mistakes this time around.

"I remember that game quite well," Rolle said of their first matchup. "I don't need film to remember those games. It just wasn't a good game. It wasn't a good game on our behalf at all. I think first half we came out pretty good and second half we stunk it up the whole entire second half. So we definitely need to change that as a defensive unit, and we will."

Meanwhile, his usual partner Kenny Phillips was able to practice today in a limited capacity. It was an upgrade for the safety who could potentially miss his fourth straight game with a knee injury. Filling in for Phillips, Stevie Brown is tied for a team-high three interceptions and is part of a group that has been asked to step up this season – and done so.

"It speaks volumes for our team," Rolle said. "And more importantly, it lets you know that the other guys, the backup guys, are paying attention to detail and they're focused in meetings. When their number is called, they're going in there playing very productive for us."


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