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Safety Antrel Rolle on the Cowboys


Q: How much are you monitoring Tony Romo's injury situation?

A: It really doesn't matter to us as players because we expect to have Romo at 100 percent no matter what the status may be quoted. We look forward to the game.

Q: Is anybody talking about the New York Jets game or have you all put it behind you?

A: There is no need to talk about it. I think our play did all the talking that needs to be done and now it is over and done with. The Giants got the win and we are going to take it just as that, the Giants beat the Jets. End of story.

Q: How much did you learn about Dallas from the matchup a few weeks ago?

A: We learned that they are a great team and a fighting team. We are both fighting for the same thing. Our backs are against the wall and the best man continues and the loser goes home. That is the way both teams are going to approach this game.

* *

Q: Is it better that you are playing a team that you are familiar with?

A: It doesn't matter, the game is the game and we are looking forward and preparing to the best of our ability. Hopefully we have the same intensity and focus that we had last week in practice and we go out there and put the stamp on it come Sunday night.

* *

Q: What is your confidence level that you will be able to stop their passing offense?

A: We are extremely confident in our group and I think we have proven ourselves last week with what kind of defense we can be if we put our minds together and practice hard throughout the week. We can go out there and practice to play come Sunday and we are just looking forward to a game. We understand what is on the line and that we need 200 percent focus.

Q: Why haven't you all been able to win at home?

A: I don't think it has anything to do with home, I think it is just being consistent in general. I don't think we have been a consistent team all year long and the past doesn't really matter right now. It is all about what we are looking forward to at this point. We are in playoff mode already and we understand that and we are going to go out there and keep our eye on the prize.  

* *

Q: Why does the NFC East always come down to the last game of the season?

A: It is a very crucial division. You have elite teams playing two times a year and sometimes that is just how the tables turn.

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