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Safety Chad Jones

Q: What's it like being in the Giants training camp?

A: It's great, you know. I'm meeting new players and new coaches. We have a lot of talent out there so things are going good. Easy practice, and the plan is coming along pretty good. We're looking good right now.
Q: Obviously, this is the day you've dreamed about other than being drafted. Were there butterflies, any anxiety?

A: A lot of anxiety, you know, but I wouldn't say butterflies. More like I'm ready to go out there and show them what I got. I feel that I had a fairly good first practice, so I'm looking forward to the second one.
Q: Did anything surprise you? Difficult, easy?

A: The practice was as long as I thought it was going to be. In college, you have longer practices, you know, but this practice was much better. You got a lot in and they end quick so that's kind of how I like it.
Q: How is the adjustment from coming from college to being on a professional football team?

A: Basically, I say the speed. You have to catch up on the game plan much faster. They put a lot in and it's at a rapid pace, so you have to study the books and get adjusted to the speed of the game.
Q: First impressions of the coaching staff?

A: I like them. I talk to them frequently. I clown around with them a little bit, you know, in this loose environment so it's pretty good.
Q: How does Perry Fewell running around and being so enthusiastic affect you guys? Does it affect you guys?

A: Oh yeah, it definitely affects you in a positive way. You want to impress him, especially with the way he gets after you, you're going to get after it. That's the positive thing we have going on.

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