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Safety Michael Johnson

Q. When was the last time you missed a game prior to this? Did you miss any games in college?

A. I got hurt my last year in college. I missed the last two games. So that was the last time I missed one.

Q. How is Aaron Ross adjusting to playing safety in the nickel package?

A. He's good. I actually think he did some last year so he is getting more comfortable without having someone talking to him about it while he is out there. He is the one telling me what he should be alert to and what the checks and formations are. The way he explains it to me, I feel the same way about it.

Q. How did you feel today at practice?

A. I felt good.

Q. What do you think the chances are for Sunday?

A. I'm going to play. I didn't really feel my groin at all today.

Q. When you look back on the last game against Philadelphia what do you feel was the big problem with them breaking big running plays like that?

A. Probably somebody out of the wrong gap. If the defense was supposed to be gap-sound, somebody was in the wrong gap. The ball might pop, but we will just chase them down and make them snap it again. Hopefully our defense will hold up. We didn't play physical enough. This time we will go out there and play a lot more physical. Try to intimidate one on one every play. One on one battles every play. Try to beat them up. Play aggressive the whole game and win the physical battle. 

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