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Seahawks Conference Call Recap


Coach Carroll was asked if he's using last season's 41-7 home loss to the Giants as a point of reference.

"We are trying to push that game as far away from us as possible. That was a great game by the Giants and we don't need to spend much time on that one. Hopefully we learned something from it but other than that, I am not spending much time on that film."

Carroll commented on the importance of this week's game.

"It is really important. It was important last week and it will continue to be every week. Every game is enormous and every game is a championship game for us. You just have to do everything you can to get that opportunity going your way. With the bye coming up, it would be great to go into the bye with a win and feeling like we are growing. We are such a young team and we need all the confidence builders we can get and this would be a great one for us."


Carroll spoke about if some teams are susceptible to losing games that they should win.

"That is sports in general. When I was at SC, there were always games on the schedule that would just jump up when you least expect it and think you are on a roll and things just don't go right. That is just the game. You work so hard to create the consistency so that does happen but that is the normal part of football and most sports in general."

Leon Washington, a former running back and return specialist for the Jets, spoke about his best memories of playing in New York.

"For me, I would probably say how passionate the fans are about the sports teams over there. How much they love the game. How much they really know the game. And how much they appreciate it. That's what stands out more than anything else playing in New York."

Washington was then asked about how much last season's loss in Seattle is weighing on the team this week.

"That was last year. We haven't talked about it at all, to be honest with you. What happened the year before doesn't dictate what's going to happen this year. We haven't talked about it at all. We know that they're a really good team. A well-coached team. A Tom Coughlin team, so they're tough. They're physical. They are going to be ready to play so we understand that part of it and we know it won't be easy. Last year doesn't matter at all. This is a new year.

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