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Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Q: One of the things that Matt Dodge spoke about before the break was his kicking motion. I'm not sure if he came in and did any work during the downtime but when you saw him, but did he make any progress with that?

A: Yes, he made a lot of progress from when he came to us, and again it's going be a work in progress with all of these guys each year. When we come back something is always going be something a little bit different. It is always a constant work in progress with him, getting his steps straighter and his motion more compact.

Q: And as a holder, Lawrence Tynes said he wants to stay very fluid not as mechanical and what not, are you seeing that as well with him?

A: Yeah, that's just a thing that takes a lot of reps. Fortunately we have a great opportunity out here to get a ton of reps with those three guys, the snapper, holder and kicker. So that will be really good, help Lawrence working with one guy, with all sorts of guys as backups, you know Jim Sorgi.

Q: Do you anticipate having Jeff [Feagles] up here?

A: I think he's supposed to come up, yes. I'm not sure of his schedule but I'm pretty sure he'll be up. He likes coaching that skill.

Q: If we can talk about punt returners for a minute, ball security is the number one thing you guys look for. What else are you looking for?

A: They've got to be able to make the first guy miss, then be able to get vertical. You've got to be able to field the ball cleanly, secure the catch and make really good decisions and then make the first guy miss and get vertical.

Q: You picked up Adam Jennings, what do you like about him?

A: He's always been a very good special teamer, we competed against him last season. He's similar to some of the other guys we had to replace on all the teams and also has that key experience.

Q: Sinorice Moss is also going to get an opportunity, he's had opportunities in the past, what does he need to show you?

A: He just needs to continue to improve, he's come a long way from where he started to where he is at this point so as long as he keeps trusting his speed, and that he can make people miss by just bursting, I think those are the things we'll work on.

Q: So you think his earlier problems might be that he wasn't trusting what he was seeing?

A: Probably, and it's hard because I don't try and overcoach because those guys are back there and they're underneath the ball and they're having to make guys miss, you don't want to overcoach how to run the ball, they're professionals and they do it very well. If he just continues to be aggressive, I think that's the best direction.

Q: One of the guys was saying one of the most difficult things to do is decide what to do when the ball comes down inside the 20. Do you guys have a set list of things you want them to do depending on whether they're inside the 20 or not?

A: Yeah, it's really inside the ten. It's pretty standard that we're not going to go back to catch the ball at that point. The problem now is a lot of these Aussie rule punts, the pooch punts, that are end over end, really do a good job of hitting and checking out. So that's where it becomes a little bit different, we might go to the eight to catch the ball. But we're pretty standard that we're not going to go back and catch it inside the ten.

Q: Tynes said that last year or maybe in the years past he might have been trying to change too much too quickly. Did you feel that that was the case with him and is he more or less stabilized now as to what he needs to do to continue on with consistency?

A: I think he is, I think he's more confident, so you don't change as much when you're confident, but all of these guys, even Jeff (Feagles), they tinker with things and it's never a finished, "I'm just going to do this way all of the time." Sometimes they develop good and bad habits practicing on their own without snaps and stuff like that, so that's something we're always aware of that were not changing too much and we're going to stick with what got us here.

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