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Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn


Q: What are you seeing on kickoff returns this season?A: We are just trying to make good decisions back there. We were real aggressive in the preseason but we don't want to start inside the 20, for sure. Really, the only one that you could return was the one he did return. One was kicked out to the right and one was kicked out to the left so that is what we are doing.

Q: You have agreed with the decision making back there?A: Yes, I have. They have been good decisions and you have one guy back there and I thought that would be harder, I thought we would need two because you lose your sense of exactly where you are. He has done a good job.

Q: Will Zak be ready?A: He will be ready but if he is not, we will get somebody else in there.

Q: What kind of challenge is Peterson?A: Both of their returners or all three of them. One is electrifying when you put on tape last year and Peterson is so big and fast. He is a big animal right there and he lowers his shoulders and runs through tackles.

Q: Will you kick a field goal?A: Yeah, (Lawrence's) opportunities will come and they come in bunches so he just has to be ready.

Q: How did you feel about the hard count on the field goal that drew Philly offside?A: It is just changing up the snap count and going on the ball.

Q: Were you worried that one of your guys was going to move?A: You are always worried but they didn't.

Q: Are the hang times down around the league?A: Yes, they are just driving the ball and the other thing is the way the ball is coming off the foot. It is more of a line drive with action especially with Jay Feely. You see the ball and it looks like it is going to the right and then it bends to your left. It is really swinging hard and getting a lot of action so it will be real important that you field it and make good decisions.





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