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Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn


Q: How is Leon Washington different than other returners?

A: He's extremely explosive. He's very elusive. He can stop and start on a dime and he goes north and south. That's his biggest thing. If he sees a vertical seam, he's going to take it. He'll try to stretch you and cut you and then when he gets going vertically he's dangerous.

Q: Coach Coughlin said there are so many dangerous returners in the league that it keeps him up at night.

A: Every week it's someone different.

Q: Are there more than there used to be?

A: That's been a trend the last couple of years, that every team has somebody, that lump in the throat type of guy.

Q: How radically do you have to change your approach week to week?

A: You try not to change it radically, but you do have to take away certain things of some guys and other guys you have to take away other things. Base concepts stay the same.

Q: You got to see Aaron Ross get a return last week. Were you happy?

A: Yeah, I'm happy for him to get a return. Devin [Thomas] had a nice one. I thought Aaron had a nice return – have to build on it, do a better job early in the game. That was really poor how we started with the two kickoff returns. Something we're focusing on this week.

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