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Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn


Q: Why were you able to only have -1 yard in punt returns last week?A: We only had one opportunity and we fumbled the ball so that's where the -1 comes. When they are kicking from the 50, there are not a lot of punt return opportunities so we have to do a better job blocking and we have to do a better job of putting them in position and get some opportunities. We just haven't had any.

Q: Because of the injuries at gunner, is it hard for a guy to get in a rhythm at that position?A: A little bit but they have worked at it all year long so they should be able to step in right away.

Q: What were your impressions of Chase Blackburn last year?A:* *I thought he did a good job last year. I think he got injured some and got beat up some but when he is healthy and raw, he really understands what we want out of that position.

Q: What does he bring to you guys this year?A: He is a guy that has played in this division a number of years so he knows the division opponents very well. He knows his craft very well so he is productive in that role. 

Q: What was your reaction to what he was able to do on Sunday?A: You expect it from him. You have an image of each of the guys and how you expect them to perform. He lived up to that.

Q: What is your image of him?A: He is a professional special teams player. He understands what we ask for on each team and he understands the importance of it. He has made a living doing it, so he takes that role very seriously.

Q: Was he able to understand that role quickly?A: Yes, because the terminology hasn't changed so it wasn't a big learning curve.

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