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Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn Interview


Q: Is blocking a punt harder because the guys aren't used to being in that position?

A: It is hard to do. It looks easy when you come free but you have to get your hands lower than your eyes right on the ball and get it right off his foot. It is a pretty good opportunity. Q: When the punter punts the ball and the guy doesn't touch it, is that a shutout?

A: I think so and I know coach likes it and I like it when you get really good returners that don't touch the ball so it is always a positive. We did have a good net so it is not like we shanked it out of bounds. They were good quality punts. That is what we strive for, it is good. Q: Is this week just as important as last week in terms of keeping it away from the returner?

A:  It is because this guy is very dangerous. Obviously, the numbers that he has and the run skills, he is electric with the ball. 

* *

Q: With the weather like it is, do you expect a lot of touchbacks?

A: The ball gets harder and it doesn't carry as much. It may be similar to what our Washington game was. We still had good distance but we didn't get a lot of touchbacks. He has handled those conditions before.

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