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ST Coordiantor Tom Quinn - 12/13


Q:  What was the key to such an incredible special teams display last Sunday?A: Everyone blocked their man, they did their job and David (Wilson) hit it hard, straight and fast like we wanted him to. It was a good day. It's a nice rebound from the disappointment we had at Washington.

Q:  Has your strategy changed at all having a guy like David Wilson back there?A: No, I think we've always had the same: what's in the best interest of the team, for the best field position.

Q:  Is it a little bit of cat-and-mouse for you, because people may try to avoid kicking it to him:A: I don't know. We've talked about that and we have adjustments ready, but I think teams are paid to do their job in this league and they're going to do it to the best of their ability. They're going to kick it deep and we have to block because Atlanta's really good on kickoff coverage. That could happen, we have to have some adjustments ready, but I think they'll kick and cover it.

Q:  Especially in the dome?A: Yeah, just kick touchbacks. That's why they made the 35-yard rule. You've seen less of that than in the past where teams would start spraying it away. They'll kick it deep.

Q:  They'll just try to kick it through the endzone?A: Yeah, if you can. I think we'd all take that: 40 yards out of bounds on punts and touchbacks on kickoff. It would make our job easier.

Q:  Will David be your kick returner no matter what his role is like on offense?A: We always have a couple guys ready. We have two or three guys ready. He's a part of it.

Q:  Why was Randle taken out of the kick return duties, Jernigan was in for him?A: Just thought Jernigan would do a better job for what we needed on Sunday and he did. Punt return, we wanted to put Domenik (Hixon) back there, he's healthy and he's really good at that. Give him a run.

Q:  Does David Wilson look like a guy that has some games under his belt? Have you seen a progression?A: I think he's done well the whole time, but he's finally broken it. He's done well up to this point and they've blocked well for him. All of the reps help, obviously, but he's pretty much the same guy.


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