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STC Tom Quinn


Q: If Zak can't play, will Jim Cordle snap?

A: We don't know at this point. We have to wait and see with Zak. He had an appointment today but I have not spoken with him yet.

Q: How did Jim do last week?

A: I thought he did a good job coming in there cold. He did two punt snaps and PAT snaps. I thought he really did a good job because that is not an easy thing to do and he went and did it.  

Q: What does a high snap do as far as execution?

A: The timing is off. We always tell those guys to make him right but if your operation is slowed down then your operation is slowed. You have to adjust your stance a little bit instead of offsetting or doing all the things you want to do. You have to square yourself up and be ready for any kind of snap in order to make the snapper right.

Q: How is Steve Weatherford doing with a new snapper?

A: He is a good holder. I thought that both the kicker and the punter handled things great. We didn't make too big of a deal with it. He just went and did it.

Q: How much has Jim Cordel done prior to this?

A: He has done it all the time in practice for the last couple years. We try to work as many of those guys as we can just in case this situation presented itself.

Q: Who is the number two snapper if Cordle snaps? Herzlich? Beckum?

A: Whoever is up, if they both are up than we take the better snapper.

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Q: Do you teach your gunners to break down?

A: You want them to take a shot if they are down there, they are clear and within so many yards but if you are not then you have to breakdown. We are not going to just fly by guys. You have to play on the edge and you have to be a risk taker and if not, the returners are so good that they are going to go right by you.


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