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STC Tom Quinn


Q: Have you been pleased with what you have seen so far?

A: We are progressing and a lot of the young guys are progressing and taking steps forward. The biggest thing they have to understand now is that they are on tape. What they do well and what they don't do well is on tape. They have to make sure that they study themselves as much as we study the opponent.

Q: What stands out about Herzlich?

A:  He is physical. The group of rookies has done a great job of studying. They have a very good work ethic in the classroom, which is unusual. They have taken right to the special teams and they have studied it. They study before we meet Wednesday, which is huge. They have a leg up and they have done a nice job with that. He has really been a leader with that.

Q: Will the guys getting healthy be able to contribute on special teams?

A: Once they are up and running on offense or defense, then we will work them in. Obviously, we are working in slowly on special teams but Ramses has done some things for us on kickoff, kickoff return and punt return in the past. Prince, we are still kind of waiting to see where we would fit him in. We had an idea of what he would do coming into the year so it will probably be the same type of role once he is healthy and able to contribute on defense.

Q: Does Miami present any special teams problems?

A: They have excellent returners. They have Reggie Bush and Davone Bess and those two as a combination are dangerous. They rush the punter extremely well so it will be a challenge to protect and get out and cover. Their kickers are extremely strong. I know Fields loves to play up here. He played against the Jets and he had a 50 yard net with nine punts. He can knock it around the stadium.

* *

Q: Would you like to see Matt Dodge get another chance?

A: I would. I have not talked to him so hopefully he has trained hard as he can to get back into the league. He has had two or three workouts. I talked to him before he left and let him know that he has to train for the workout because it is a unique experience. You may be the only one there or three other guys so you have to put yourself through that one a week so that you are ready for it.

Q: Was he better than what he was before he left?

A: He got more consistent. That is his biggest thing, the inconsistency. He can hit one 65 yards and can't hit the next one 35 yards. You have to have some location whether it is deep down the middle so that you know where to cover it. It is hard when one is going to the right, then to the left.

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