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Steve Smith Facebook Q/A

Steve Smith Facebook Fan Q/A 1. Allen Rugg Besides winning the Super Bowl, what has been the best moment of your career so far?

-Probably making the Pro Bowl because it just was proof that my hard work through out the years had paid off, but it was really bittersweet because our team struggled down the stretch and didn't make the playoffs.

2. Niki F Avitto who is your favorite superhero/villian? and/or what is your favorite video game??

-Favorite superhero is Spiderman and i don't like any Villian's. Haha. Favorite video game is NBA on PS3.

3. Rob Eves do you feel the reciever core as enough stength in depth

-I do. I think that there is always room for improvement, but I think we have a good group of guys.

4. Stephanie Kuzminski whats the best piece of advice you would offer kids?

-You always hear the obvious-get good grades and don't do drugs. Those are very true, but I want to offer more than that and tell them to dream big and don't let anyone tell you that you can't become this or that. When you're a kid, ANYTHING is possible, and you should chase those dreams and enjoy doing so.

5. Amanda Ciccarino what's the ONE thing NY has that Cali can't compete with?

-The amount of cabs. Haha. And the variety of restaurants.

6. Cedd Onetti-Silva What's your take on having the chance to be a elite and classy reciever with a big heart to ur loyal and caring fans? Mr third and smith :)

-I mean I recognize that I wouldn't be anything without my fans, so I feel like it's important to take time to interact with you all. I know sometimes WR's get a bad rap in general, but we're no different than our teammates at other positions.

7. Trent Brinkley Who is your inspiration for playing football, and what is your favorite food?

-My favorite food is my Mom's homemade cooked Salmon. I'm also a big fan of Tofu which most people are surprised about when they hear! And my inspiration for playing football really came from within and was helped by my HS coaches and my Mom.

8. Rj Baietti What's ur fav pre game ritual?

-Everyone always asks that but the truth is I don't really have one.

9. Breck P. Kent What do you do in the offseason for hobbies, entertainment or fun?

-I play a lot of video games and train a ton. I like to watch movies too, but i keep it pretty basic and low-key.

10. Leroy Pinckney Jr. What is your fsvorite sport besides football/favorite athlete?

-Basketball and LeBron. I grew up loving Basketball and I actually played with Jordan Farmar in High School.

11, Victor D. Freeman Jay Z or Eminem?

Jay-Z, but I've got tons of respect for Eminem's music. Both guys are extremely talented obviously.

12. Anthony Couto when you guys are in the huddle, does anyone every crack jokes, ask eli for the ball, or is it just eli calling the shots?

-Oh it's straight business in there. Eli is telling us what we're going to do and we are listening.

13. Donell Weaver Why do you wear number 12

-I wore #2 in HS and college but in the NFL I wasn't allowed because I'm not a QB, so I chose the closest thing.

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