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57 facts & tidbits from Super Bowl history


PHOENIX - To commemorate Super Bowl LVII, we bring you 57 facts and tidbits about Super Bowls, the Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, Super Bowls and, of course, the Giants.

I - This is the first Chiefs-Eagles Super Bowl, but both teams are past winners of the title game. Kansas City is 2-2 in Super Bowls including 1-1 under current coach Andy Reid. The Chiefs defeated Minnesota in Super Bowl IV, 23-7 and San Francisco in Super Bowl LIV, 31-20. They lost to Green Bay in Super Bowl I, 35-10, and Tampa Bay in Super Bowl LV, 31-9.

Philadelphia is 1-2 in Super Bowls, losing to the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XV, 27-10 and New England in Super Bowl XXXIX, 24-21. The Eagles defeated the Patriots five years ago in Super Bowl, LII, 41-33.

II - This is the sixth Super Bowl matchup between the number one seed in both conferences since 2000 (and the first since then without Tom Brady or Peyton Manning).

Super Bowl Matchups Between Number One Seeds Since 2000:

Super Bowl LII: Philadelphia 41, New England 33

Super Bowl 50: Denver 24, Carolina 10

Super Bowl XLIX: New England 28, Seattle 24

Super Bowl XLVIII: Seattle 43, Denver 8

Super Bowl XLIV: New Orleans 31, Indianapolis 17

III - The Chiefs & Eagles share several noteworthy similarities beyond their top seeds (figures include the postseason):

Kansas City

Playoff Seed: First

W-L: 16-3

Points Scored: 546

Yards/Carry: 4.6

Postseason Takeaways: 4


Playoff Seed: First

W-L: 16-3

Points Scored: 546

Yards/Carry: 4.6

Postseason Takeaways: 4

IV - This is the first Super Bowl in which both teams scored the exact same number of points entering the game, including playoffs (546).

V - Reid is the fifth head coach to face his former team (that he was also head coach for) in the Super Bowl. Reid reached Super Bowl XXXIX with the Eagles in the 2004 season (and lost to the Patriots). Former Giants coach Dan Reeves was the only other coach to face a team he reached the Super Bowl with. Reeves led Denver to three Super Bowls in the 1980s and the Atlanta Falcons to Super Bowl XXXIII against the Broncos. Reeves, Minnesota's Bud Grant and Buffalo's Marv Levy are the only other coaches with 0-4 Super Bowl records. Grant and Levy are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Reeves, despite a career in which he was both a productive player and successful coach, is not.

The other coaches to face their former teams in a Super Bowl are the Jets' Weeb Ewbank in Super Bowl III (Baltimore Colts), Tampa Bay's Jon Gruden in Super Bowl XXXVII (Oakland), and Seattle's Pete Carroll in Super Bowl XLIX (New England). Ewbank and Gruden were winners.

VI - This is the first of the 57 Super Bowls with two starting Black quarterbacks. Patrick Mahomes is playing in his third for Kansas City and Jalen Hurts in his first for Philadelphia. Mahomes is 1-1 in Super Bowls and can become the only Black quarterback with multiple Super Bowl victories. Hurts will be the eighth Black quarterback to start a Super Bowl, and second for the Eagles:

Doug Williams (Washington) – Won Super Bowl XXII

Steve McNair (Tennessee) – Lost Super Bowl XXXIV

Donovan McNabb (Philadelphia) – Lost Super Bowl XXXIX

Colin Kaepernick (San Francisco) – Lost Super Bowl XLVII

Russell Wilson (Seattle) – Won Super Bowl XLVII, Lost Super Bowl XLIX

Cam Newton (Carolina) – Lost Super Bowl 50

Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City) – Won Super Bowl LIV, Lost Super Bowl LV

VII - Mahomes (27 years and 148 days old) and Hurts (24 years and 189 days old), have the youngest combined age (51 years and 337 days) by starting quarterbacks in a Super Bowl. The previous record was 51 years and 350 days by Hall of Famers Joe Montana and Dan Marino in Super Bowl XIX.

VIII - Hurts can become the fourth starting quarterback under the age of 25 to win a Super Bowl, joining Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger (23 years and 340 days old in Super Bowl XL), Mahomes (24 years and 138 days old in Super Bowl LIV), and Tom Brady (24 years and 184 days old in Super Bowl XXXVI).

IX - Mahomes led the NFL with 41 touchdown passes in the regular season while Hurts led all quarterbacks with 13 rushing touchdowns. This will be the first ever matchup between a quarterback with 30+ touchdown passes and one with 10+ rushing scores in the Super Bowl. The only other time the passing touchdowns leader and the quarterbacks rushing touchdown leader faced off for the championship was in the 1999 season, when NFL MVP Kurt Warner and the Rams defeated McNair and the Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV.

X - The Giants are 4-1 in Super Bowls. Their .800 winning percentage ties them with the Green Bay Packers for the highest among the 18 franchises that have played in at least three Super Bowls. The Giants are one of six franchises to win at least four Super Bowls. Their Super Bowl victories are tied for the NFL's fourth-highest total. New England and Pittsburgh have won six Super Bowls, Dallas and San Francisco have won five, and the Giants are tied with Green Bay at four. In their five Super Bowls, the Giants scored 104 points and allowed 104 points.

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XI - Philadelphia led the NFL with 70 regular-season sacks, while the Chiefs were second with 55. This will be the second Super Bowl matchup between the top two teams in regular season sacks (not including teams that tied for second). The 2007 Giants team that won Super Bowl XLII had an NFL-high 53 sacks. The undefeated Patriots team they beat was second with 47 sacks. The trend continued in the Giants' 17-14 victory, when they had five sacks of Tom Brady and New England had three of Eli Manning. The Eagles are looking to become the sixth team to lead the league in sacks and win the Super Bowl in the same season.

XII - The Eagles also enter Super Bowl LVII with a single-season NFL record 39 rushing touchdowns and can become the fourth team since 1990 to lead the NFL in rushing touchdowns and win the Super Bowl in the same season, joining Washington in 1991 (Super Bowl XXVI), Dallas in 1995 (Super Bowl XXX), and Denver in 1998 (Super Bowl XXXIII).

XIII - Thirty-two sets of brothers have played in the Super Bowl, including Eli and Peyton Manning. Philadelphia center Jason Kelce and Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce are set to make history as the first brothers to play in a Super Bowl as opponents. They are the fourth set of brothers to appear in the same Super Bowl, joining Miami's Glenn and Lyle Blackwood (Super Bowls XVII and XIX), Cincinnati's Archie and Ray Griffin (Super Bowl XVI) and New England's Devin and Jason McCourty (Super Bowl LIII). The Kelce's have combined for nine first-team All-Pro selections, the most of any brother duo in NFL history (with at least one selection each), surpassing J.J. and T.J. Watt (eight).

XIV - The NFC East is the only division in which all four teams have at least one Super Bowl victory. The Giants' division has four more Super Bowl triumphs than any other and could add another on Sunday.

NFC East: 13 AFC West: 8

AFC East: 9 NFC North: 5

AFC North: 8 NFC South: 3

NFC West: 8 AFC South: 2

XV - Kickoff returns in the first 56 Super Bowls: 447. Kickoff return touchdowns: 10. Punt returns in the first 56 Super Bowls: 245. Punt return touchdowns: 0.

XVI - The Eagles won their two postseason games by 31 points against the Giants and 24 vs. San Francisco. They are the fifth team to win both the divisional playoff and conference championship game by at least 21 points. Each of the previous four teams won the Super Bowl – the 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers, 1985 Chicago Bears, and the 1988 and 1989 San Francisco 49ers.

XVII - The Chiefs will wear white jerseys and the Eagles will wear green jerseys on Sunday. Teams wearing white jerseys have won 15 of the last 18 Super Bowls, and two of the dark jersey winners will play Sunday. The exceptions are the Packers (green) over the Steelers (white) in Super Bowl XLV, the Eagles (green) over Patriots (white) in Super Bowl LII, and the Chiefs (red) over 49ers (white) in Super Bowl LIV.

The Chiefs have worn red jerseys in each of their last three Super Bowl appearances (IV, LIV and LV), but wore white in Super Bowl I vs Green Bay. Mahomes has never appeared in a playoff game in a white jersey. He has played 11 postseason games at home in two Super Bowls and wore a red jersey in every one of them.

XVIII - When the Chiefs defeated Cincinnati in the AFC Championship Game, Reid earned his 21st postseason victory, passing Hall of Famer Tom Landry (20) for the second-most playoff wins by a head coach in NFL history (Bill Belichick has 31).

XIX - Mahomes has thrown 192 regular-season touchdown passes in six seasons. Hall of Famer and three-time Super Bowl winner Troy Aikman played 12 seasons for Dallas – and threw 165 touchdown passes.

XX - This is the 10th all-time matchup between the Chiefs and Eagles. Reid is 6-0 in such games (3-0 with Kansas City vs. Philadelphia and 3-0 with Philadelphia vs. Kansas City).

XXI - Thirty-six years ago, Giants quarterback Phil Simms set a Super Bowl record that still stands when he completed 88% of his passes (22 of 25) in a 39-20 rout of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXI.

XXII - Tom Coughlin, who led the Giants to victories in Super Bowls XLII and XLVI, is one of eight coaches to win multiple Super Bowls without a loss.

XXIII - Super Bowl LVII will be played in State Farm Stadium, the home of the Arizona Cardinals. The Super Bowl winner will finish the season with more victories there than the Cardinals, who were a lowly 1-8 at home in 2022. That record included a 44-21 loss to the Chiefs in Week 1 and a 20-17 defeat to the Eagles in Week 5. So, the winner Sunday will have two victories in State Farm Stadium this season, or one more than the team that calls the place home.

This will be the third instance in history that a team wins a Super Bowl in a stadium where they finished with more victories there than the stadium's home team that season. The 1968 Jets won in Miami in Week 15 and upset Baltimore in Super Bowl III in the Orange Bowl, where the Dolphins had just one victory that season. And in Super Bowl XV in the 1980 season, the Raiders defeated Philadelphia in the Superdome, where the 1-15 Saints were winless. That New Orleans team was quarterbacked by Archie Manning and lost its first 14 games before beating the Jets in Shea Stadium on Dec. 14.

XXIV - The designated home team is 23-33 in Super Bowls and has lost 12 of the last 16, including the Bengals last year in Super Bowl LVI vs. the Rams in SoFi Stadium (the Rams' home). The AFC and NFC alternate home designation each year. Philadelphia is the home team Sunday.

The team scoring first in the Super Bowl in 37-19, including 9-3 in the last 12 games – the exceptions are the 2016 Falcons (who blew a 28-3 lead and lost to New England), the 2019 49ers (who allowed 21 unanswered points in the fourth quarter), and the 2020 Chiefs (who scored the first three points in a 31-9 loss).

XXV - Reid, at 64 years and 330 days old on Sunday, can become the fourth-oldest head coach to win a Super Bowl, behind Bruce Arians, Bill Belichick and Coughlin in Super Bowl XLVI (65 years, 158 days). Philadelphia head coach Nick Sirianni will be 41 years and 242 days old on Sunday and can become the fifth-youngest head coach to win a Super Bowl, behind Sean McVay, Mike Tomlin, Jon Gruden and John Madden. Sirianni would also become the ninth individual to win a Super Bowl within his first two seasons as a head coach and the first since his predecessor in Philadelphia, Doug Pederson, five years ago.

XXVI - The 23-year, 88-day age difference between Reid and Sirianni is the second largest between head coaches in Super Bowl history. Four years ago, Belichick was 33 years, 283 days older than McVay when the Patriots defeated the Rams.

XXVII - For the 18th consecutive season, the NFL will have a new Super Bowl champion, extending the longest streak without a repeat winner in league history. The last team to win consecutive Super Bowls was the 2003-04 Patriots.

XXVIII - The team with the most total yards in the Super Bowl is 42-14.

XXIX - Eli Manning (2-0) is one of six quarterbacks to start more than one Super Bowl without a defeat. The others are Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana (both 4-0), Aikman (3-0), Jim Plunkett and Bart Starr (both 2-0).

XXX - The team with fewer turnovers is 38-6 in Super Bowls (the teams had the same turnover totals in 12 games).

XXXI - Hurts can become the first quarterback to win the Super Bowl wearing No. 1. The only other Super Bowl quarterback to wear that number was Cam Newton, whose Panthers lost to Denver in Super Bowl 50. Mahomes is one of three quarterbacks to win a Super Bowl wearing No. 15. The others were Green Bay's Bart Starr (I and II) and the Giants' Jeff Hostetler (XXV).

XXXII - Although he's not yet 25, Hurts cannot assume he will again reach this plateau. The last 17 quarterbacks to lose their Super Bowl debut have not made it back to the game. And that doesn't include Marino, who played in the Super Bowl in his second season and never returned. Of the 34 previous quarterbacks who lost their Super Bowl debut, only Len Dawson, Craig Morton, Fran Tarkenton, Bob Griese, John Elway, and Jim Kellymade it back.

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