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Super Bowl XLII re-air on FOX; Giants launch second-screen experience

FOX re-air Giants Super Bowl XLII win

The Giants' victory against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII was one of the biggest upsets in NFL history and featured one of the league's all-time great plays, David Tyree's famous helmet catch. On Sunday, April 12 at 3 p.m., FOX will re-air the Giants' thrilling 17-14 win over the undefeated Patriots.

To help amplify what John Mara calls "the greatest victory we ever had as a franchise," the Giants are launching a special second-screen platform delivered by FedEx to help fans more closely experience the Super Bowl re-air.

Fans are encouraged to follow @Giants on Twitter throughout the weekend for rare behind-the-scenes footage, including a closer look at Tyree's forgettable Friday practice, Tom Coughlin's speech to the team the night before the game and an inside perspective during several key moments, including the final game-winning drive.

In addition, you will find the following:

View iconic photos from the Giants' Super Bowl XLII victory over the undefeated Patriots.

Here are some memorable quotes leading up to the game:

"It's a business trip, we didn't come here for anything else. We're playing to win." – WR Plaxico Burress

"It's never been enough for us just winning one game, or being 0-2 and winning one game. We're not here to hand the trophy over to nobody. Hopefully, we'll take that trophy back to New York and put up a good fight and good game for all the NFL and everybody to see. It hopefully makes believers out of the nonbelievers." – LB Antonio Pierce

"This is the biggest challenge, 18-0, that you can have in the Super Bowl. We have to go against the only 18-0 team ever. It's like Mike Tyson and Buster Douglas. You wake up and you expect that Tyson knocked him out in the first round and you find out Douglas won. That's what we hope we are. If we win, this would be the biggest upset in a lot of ways." – DE Michael Strahan


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