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Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson Conference Call

TennesseeTitans RB Chris Johnson

Q: Indy had no problem running on the Giants last week. Can you learn anything from that?
A: No. I don't think we can take anything from the Indy game because they played Indy in the nickel front – only six – the other guys cheating on in the box. I know they're not going to play us like that, so there's really nothing that you can take from the Indy film.

Q: How does it affect the team when the QB gets benched?
A: I don't think it affects the team. It's the coach's decision and whatever the coaches decide to do, you've just got to roll with it. I don't think it really affected the team or anything like that.

Q: How has Vince Young been this week since being benched?
A: He's pretty cool. Just ready to get back to work and get the offense back.

Q: What was the trouble with the offense last week against the Steelers?
A: There was a lot of miscommunication and not executing our plays really. I feel like we got read and couldn't execute our own plays…too many turnovers. If we don't have as many turnovers, we'll be okay.

Q: How well did you get to know Keith Bulluck and how do you feel about facing him this week?
A: He's a good friend of mine. Any time you're facing a friend or anything like that, it's going to be a good game. Basically, it's not a me vs. him thing, it's a Tennessee vs. the Giants, trying to get our offense back going.

Q: Any communication with him prior to the game?
A: I haven't talked to him yet, but I'm sure that I'll talk to him before the week is over.

Q: What kind of leader was he down there?
A: KBul was a great leader, talkative guy, he helps keep everybody up…He's great, he's missed around here but that's something we can't dwell on. We've got to stick to what we're doing and try to go ahead.

Q: In college, how was Matt Dodge as a punter?
A: He used to kick it out of the end zone. He was a great kicker and he could make a lot of plays. He was the type of guy who, if we were back deep, we still… He's the type of guy who would give us great field position.

Q: Last year the Giants defense struggled towards the end of the season. Do you see any similarities to that in their performance this year?
A: I've never really played against those guys so I never really pay too much attention.

Q: Do you have a relationship with Ahmad Bradshaw at all, as you guys both played in Conference USA?
A: I remember playing against him, but I don't really know the guy. I wouldn't say we had a relationship or anything. I know him from being in the same conference as me. Anytime I see a back from Conference USA, I root for them because they don't get a lot of votes because it's considered a weak conference but you can look around and say that a lot of Conference USA alums are doing a nice job.

Q: What have you seen from Kenny Britt? Do you feel he has grown up in many ways?
A: Of course. He has become a deep threat for us, a playmaker. As the season goes on, you will see him make more plays for us.

Q: What type of treatment do you usually see from defenses, eight in the box?
A: Yeah, usually about eight. At least eight in the box There's going to be a type of thing where they are going to make a lot of plays, just like Pittsburgh last week. They're going to make a lot of plays, but when we get outside and break a long one, you just have to execute. We broke out last week but there was a holding penalty, so we didn't execute. It's the type of thing where you need to take advantage of everything you get.


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