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Terrell Thomas Answers Tweet Questions


Twitter Handle: @jweaver76

Question:@Giants With the addition of Prince, how much has the Giants secondary improved and where would you rank them against the others in the NFL?

Terrell Thomas: Obviously he is a great corner. He was definitely a steal for us in the draft. Hopefully he can catch up and learn fast. He is against the odds since we had no OTA's and hopefully he can contribute early and help us get into the playoffs.
Twitter Handle: @CptAmerica78

Question: @Giants How will the Giants come back after ending last season with such a bad taste in everyone's mouth???????

Terrell Thomas: This year is different. We did everything we could but couldn't finish for one quarter against the Eagles. It was a humbling taste and some thing I will never forget. In the NFL you don't get many opportunities and we feel we have a strong team and this year we need to prove it and finish strong.

Twitter Handle: @jmw2gator

Question: @Giants T2 Question: favorite WR to cover?

Terrell Thomas: My favorite WR to cover is Larry Fitzgerald. He can jump out the roof so you have to pay attention and position yourself properly when covering him.

Twitter Handle: @JamesClouse55

Question:@Giants Hey T2, you ready to lockdown @DeseanJackson10 this year?

Terrell Thomas:Without a doubt, we have done a pretty good job on him the past couple of years. Our main goal as a defense is to stop the Eagles offense. If he has lots of yards and the Eagles don't score points, it's a win for me.
Twitter Handle:@samprnegrito

Question: @Giants what do u believe was your biggest weakness?

Terrell Thomas: I need to work on being more aggressive and not reacting to what does the Offense does. I prepare very hard and I need to trust my film study and be more aggressive.

Twitter Handle: @hockeyman2727

Question: @Giants what quarterback is your favorite to pick off? #nyg

Terrell Thomas: I love to pick off everyone! My goal this year is to pick off Tony Romo because I haven't yet and I would love nothing more than to beat the Cowboys.
Twitter Handle: @CAtashian8

Question: @Giants how many picks you getting this year?

Terrell Thomas: I need to get past the hump. I have been stuck at 5 and this year the goal is to get more than 5.

Twitter Handle:@whitejerzy

Question: @Giants hey Terrell who is the hardest RB to take down?

Terrell Thomas: Adrian Peterson without question. The problem with tackling him is that he is powerful but you have to be careful he doesn't juke you out of your cleats!

Twitter Handle: @whitejerzy

Question:@Giants wat player talks the most trash besides you? Lol

Terrell Thomas: Easy…Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin.

Twitter Handle: @andrewmiller121

Question:@Giants T2, you or @ManninghamNYG82 in a footrace?

Terrell Thomas: If it's a short race then its Super Mario. But if it's long distance, def ME

Twitter Handle: @TTNash

Question: @Giants Could #24, #31, #23, #21, #26 and (whatever # they give Prince) be on the field together? Dime usually has 3 safeties, right?

Terrell Thomas: Of course. I think Coach Fewell will come up with a scheme to take advantage of our athletic ability in the secondary. I can't wait to get all of us out on the field at the same time!

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