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Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher Conference Call

Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher

Q: What happened with Keith Bulluck leaving?
A: Obviously Keith and I got to be very close and we enjoyed some great times and endured some difficult times together. He had a great run here, and we just weren't able to get him back. He worked out a deal with the Giants. I put the tape on, and I'm really happy for him. He's playing well, and there was no doubt in my mind that he would come off this injury because he has been healthy his whole career, and he is a quick healer. I'm so happy for him that he's playing again, and playing at a high level.

Q: With a guy like him so keen on your team's personnel, are their adjustments you have to make, especially with terminology?
A: Not necessarily. There will always be some minor things that can potentially be of concern. We're just going to play, it's football. He's going to play, and he'll happen to recognize everyone on the other side of the ball. He'll probably approach it like training camp.

Q: Knowing all that he had to go through to get back, did the speed of his recovery amaze you?
A: The injury took place with three or four games left, and I know Keith very well and that he was going to work. He's worked to keep himself in great shape over the years. He's overcome a lot of minor things that might keep a player out a week, he seemed to bounce back every single week. It's not surprising to me that he was able to bounce back.

Q: Where is Vince Young's confidence level?
A: He's fine. Nobody likes to go through what he went through last weekend, but he bounced back.
I expect him to have a great week. He's our quarterback, and he'll be fine.

Q: See anything on film from the Colts and Panthers games that tell you something?
A: I didn't pay much attention to the defensive side of the ball because when you play the Colts, you play completely different. You have to play out of character, and you need to adjust. Everybody has a different approach to the Colts, but there's certainly nothing on that tape that we will see. On the other side of the ball, it's a tough place to play. Those ends have tremendous talent. They have great speed on defense, and they're able to recover quite quickly. If I was going to get a real sense of the Giants, I'd look at the Carolina game and not the Colts game.

Q: Where does your team stand right now? You played a good first game, but you struggled the second.
A: Well, one half of the ball struggled. I wouldn't say our defense struggled. They had seven sudden changes out there, and they didn't give up a touchdown. I was very proud of the way the defense played, and the way the team stayed together, that's the most important  thing. We gave up a play on the first play of the game, which we should not have, and we had a chance to win that game throughout but didn't. I think this team is resilient, and can learn from its mistakes. I'm excited to get out on the practice field today.

Q: What did you see from the Giants offensive line last week? Anything you can attack or expose?
A: Let's first realize that the Colts rushers give everyone trouble, and not just the Giants. I thought Eli hung in there, and it was difficult with their speed and the noise, but he hung in there and bounced back. You look at opponents, either offense or defense, and you try and put together the best chance of being successful from a player's standpoint and create opportunities for them. The key here for both teams is becoming familiar with an unfamiliar opponent. We haven't played the Giants in the past few years, and probably two-thirds of our roster has never played the Giants. They have to become familiar with them in a short period of time.

Q: Is it just a gut thing when you switch quarterbacks like that?
A: Yeah, I made the comment over the past couple days that it's just like going for it on fourth-and-one.  I just had the gut feeling, I made the decision. We needed to throw the ball to catch up since we had fallen behind.  Kerry Collins has a great deal of experience and has played the Steelers before. I just felt that he would give us the best chance to win. Really, it's over with and Vince is the starter.

Q: Do you think the league view on concussions has changed or has it just come into focus?
A: I think it's a combination of things. It's important to us, and it's always been important to us. If you're going to make a decision, err on the side of caution. If the player has a mild head injury or a mild concussion, it's up to the doctors. If he shouldn't go, he shouldn't go, and we'll stand behind it. Most of us have always done that.

Q: What happened with Kenny Britt over the summer, and where is he now?  
A: Like many players after his first year, they go home after the season is over and disappear, and he disappeared. I was a little disappointed in his participation in the offseason program. He got a lot of things finally put behind him, and has been just fine. He had a good camp, and he made some good plays the other day in the game. I think he is a very talented player, and he has a great future. 

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