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Travel Log: Giants fly to Detroit in Week 8


For every road game this season, will catch up with a member of the team for a travel Q&A. For this week's game in Detroit, we talked with wide receiver Golden Tate.

Q: What do you normally bring with you on the plane?

A: My backpack that has my notebook and my tablet. Then usually a suitcase.

Q: What do you like to do during the flight?

A: Sleep. I try to sleep if I can. I've grown to really enjoy longer flights so I can sleep.

Q: Who do you normally sit next to on the plane?

A: I've kind of been in the middle, where there's only one seat. I haven't really sat by anyone.

Q: What is your typical routine when you get to the hotel?

A: Check into my room and find the Notre Dame game if it's not too late, or find one of the SEC games and watch that. Then depending on what food is around, I'll go to a restaurant or order in food.

Q: Do you have any funny travel stories?

A: Back in my third or fourth season in Seattle, we had a New Year's game. My plan was if we won, I would pop a bottle of champagne in the locker room. In typical fashion, we lost. On the plane, I was like, 'Alright, well, I don't want this to just go bad.' We ascend into the air and I'm starting to open it. I take the wire off, and it's my first time ever popping a bottle of champagne. The pressure got to the bottle and shot the cork out before I even had my hand over it. The cork hits me in the forehead and bounces probably another eight feet. Then over Tarvaris Jackson's suit, it kind of just sprays all over the place.

Q: What is your favorite place to travel to for an away game?

A: I like going to Texas because they have Pappadeaux. I really like the restaurant.

Q: Are you excited to go back to Detroit to play for the first time since the trade last year?

A: Yeah, I'm excited to see all of those guys. But more so, I'm excited to get on track, get a win and start a win streak.

The New York Giants make their way to Detroit for Sunday's matchup with the Lions.

Giants vs. Lions Broadcast Info: TV channel, Radio Station and Live Stream.


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